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Cancer: Take some advice from sensation Marie Kondo as you go along your week Cancer! Find the things that “spark joy” and keep them close. As for the things that don’t? Thank them and move on! You’re taking this week to be grateful. Thank your home for being sheltering you, your job for being stable, your laptop for working even though it’s a thousand years old. Look deep within and find the things that have been holding you back from true happiness – if it’s your job, figure out why. List things that make you grateful for having your job (and not just money!) while you search for another one. If it’s school that’s got you down, focus on a vision board for what you would like life to be like AFTER you get your degree. Give thanks for the present and future Cancer, both are just as important.

Leo: You’re surrounded in the color of yellow and orange – but most of it has to do with a neglected or abused sacral chakra. You’re going through heartbreak, through disappointment: it’s making you really question your beliefs, your practices, and causing you to put distance between yourself and your higher self, as well as the divine force you believe in. Well Leo, the pity party is over! You can’t heal unless you put forth the effort to do so! You want to reap the rewards of any and all kinds of wealth but you aren’t putting yourself through the process it takes to get there. Stop saying that “January was a trial month, my real news years starts in February…no, March.  . . Okay, April!”  The new year has started and it’s time for you to make the most of it. Get in touch with those sacred energies you have within. Get in touch with your GENUINE emotions, with your real truth. Then, and only then, will you reap your rewards.

Aries: This week Aries, you’re learning all about temptation and purification. As a sign who is always full steam ahead, you forget to look back into your life from time to time and figure out what’s no longer serving you or what unhealthy habit you’ve picked up. This week you’ll be facing some of your greatest temptations yet – with the gift of really reviewing it and being ready for a change. Your temptation could come in the form of anything (depending on you) – maybe you’ve been offered a job you feel uncomfortable with, sex before you’re ready, unhealthy eating habits, gossiping, putting off studying, overspending, working out to extremes, overthinking, and so on. The truth is, your temptations and unhealthy tendency/thinking is what is holding you back from achieving that which you desire. You are at a very powerful point in your life right now where you can open your hands and expect to receive… but first you have to get rid of that bad habit of yours. As a fire sign, purification THROUGH fire seems to be the best for you… burn a paper with your nasty habit or thought on it, burn a cleansing candle.

Virgo: Time is heavy on your mind for the opening of the years second month. It might have something to do with  Valentine’s day being just around the corner… But you’re really overthinking your life, subconsciously seeking all the wisdom you’ve collected from your visits and lives on Earth. You have some fear within your this week, thinking of how time is running out to make a name for yourself, to make loved ones proud, to catch up to your classmates, to find love, leaving a job, legal situation, etc… Don’t fear it Virgo, accept it! Time is what makes life so special. You already have the wisdom within you to achieve everything you’d like, you have a great amount of success and prosperity coming your way… A “cornucopia” if you will. But first, you must face an ending to usher in this new, prosperous beginning. Your blessings are here for you, stop worrying. Let go and flow with the winds of change.

Taurus: Recently, you’ve dealt with some form of hostility (purposely done to you or not) and it’s really put a damper on your spirits. Never fear! Now is the time for you be brave and stand up for yourself, putting your best foot forward and guess what? Keeping your mouth shut! As a creature of habit, it can be hard for you, Taurus, to break the normal and “be brave”, moving out of your comfort zone. This week it’s best for you to start (or work even harder) on your goals in SILENCE. The hostilities are over, even if their impact is long lasting, because you are being guided to create. To release your power, your energy, your inner thoughts – and prosper from them! Find things that help you achieve your inner creative … crystals, sigils, alchemy studies, etc. and stick to it. You are being guided a time of creation and silence. Trust in your goal and yourself.

Gemini: February starts off with you feeling much like a “Duchess” and possibly receiving signs from your spiritual team via the form of “a Duchess.” You’re taking a look at your life and have come to one conclusion:  that you’re tied up. You feel stuck, bored, and even suppressed – which is a dangerous thing for an intellectual, constantly moving air sign such as yourself. Gemini, it’s time to admit that the largest reason you’ve been stuck is because you haven’t been honest with yourself. . and others around you haven’t been given you full disclosures either. Expect some real heart to heart this week – from others to you, as well as yourself to you.

Libra: Libra, February starts for you … with the closing of a door and a few windows. But don’t worry, there’s about to be a huge, marvelous hole in the wall that reveals your true goal in sight! Many of you are working on something that can’t be done alone and because of this, your harmonious nature is being put to the test! Beliefs, styles and even energies are clashing between you and a partner and it’s driving you absolutely mad… Trust this: your inner Venus will not only find a way to achieve peace – but she’ll be head over heels for the final result! A manifested new beginning is here, even if it at first it seems impossible. When you’re feeling disheartened by it, try this simple exercise: take the word “impossible” and think of it as though yourself are the problem. Now, keeping that mindset…   break the word “impossible” into two words. “I’m Possible!”

Scorpio: Despite your best efforts, despite following the script exactly the way it was written and always meant to be – you feel as though you’ve been tossed into chaos. Obsessing over where you went wrong, where you lost yourself, and if you’ll ever have a chance to redeem yourself. Yes Scorpio, you will! Your outer calm has proven to be your best survival trait during a long standing problem and the time has finally coming for it to finally have it’s resolution put into forward motion. Know that it’s okay to seek yourself during this time, that none of your loved ones will be hurt because they are all protected. You are protected and eternally loved and have a right to healing. Possibilities you’ve never expected are coming to you and you can expect a miracle to set it’s course to you this week!

Pisces: You’d benefit greatly from some healing energy presented to you by the ocean itself. If you’re lucky enough to have the resources to dig your feet into the sand – go do it! If you’re not… Then take a bath with salt water, listen to the sounds of the sea, holding a seashell or wear a necklace you got down by the shore. You’re especially sensitive to the planetary energies this week Pisces, especially after you receive some important but not focused guidance and advice. Your throat chakra is aligned and ready! Voice what matters to you – no matter how global the scale because for you, this is the most healing activity you can be a part of. Trust that you’re ready to get rid of people with dangerous and conflicting beliefs as well as that you’re ready to clear your space and take care of Mother Earth!

Capricorn: The energy surrounding you this week can mean only one thing – you’re about to rock it! Things have finally settled in and you’re exactly where you’re meant to be at the moment: opening the doors to your dreams! Your golden age is beginning now and you’re in for a treat. A surge of energy, a surge of creativity, peace on the home front followed with the possibility of meeting somebody significant… At this time life is going to truly be what you make of it Capricorn – so for once, follow your luck and happiness without worry of the consequences!

Aquarius: The past stands beside you, using all of it’s might to get your attention. Habits, people, and memories of the past seem to be working their hardest to drown your Aquarius! Know this: you are the water bearer, you can scoop it up into a vase and pour right back into the river that is life. You are protected and the past can no longer control you. Neither can your feelings. Accept that being vulnerable is part of you – but it doesn’t define you. Cry for your past and then cry tears of joy for your future. Look at all you have accomplished, all you have become, look at the fact that you are still standing here today. You did that! It’s time to say goodbye to the past in order to see the full beauty of the rising sun – are you ready Aquarius?

Sagittarius: For some reason Sag, it feels like this week you just can’t get Mercury off your back… or perhaps that’s the influence of some inner Aries (or external Aries people). You’re starting to act out – and you’re angry! The fire within has been fueled and you’ve been working nonstop, demanding your blessings and expecting them. .  rightfully so. But, are you ready for them? Deal with your feelings of insecurity, of fear, but also those negative beliefs you’ve inherited during youth. Sag, it feels like you are personally leading “grind culture” and it’s exhausting.  Put the bow and arrow down for a night or two. . Take a nap then go and do something you love to do! Treat yourself this week! Self love is one of the best forms to set Law of Attraction in motion. Neglecting yourself isnt in the recipe for success.

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Leo – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope plus #Astrology ! 

♍️virgo- so stubborn yet crack me tf up. wanna be the best of the best, kinda annoy me with how good they are at things

♎️libra- chill af. they just have a freaking way of charming me and really tell it like it is. vibes r harmonious when they’re around

♈️aries- shy at first and has to warm up to you then they ignite me with their flame like holy cow. they’re really warm like have them hug you in the winter and you’ll be good to go

♉️taurus- kinda possessive but they bring me back down to earth. always wanna go exploring and eat the good food

♊️gemini- lil firecrackers I tell u what, first they wanna do this then they wanna do that. smart af too and always need to put their word in

♑️capricorn- they just wanna do their diddly darn doodliest and get love for it. Maybe too serious sometimes. I get way too many crushes on them to be honest

♒️aquarius- they’re so much fun to talk to?! and have something random that they’re rly talented at doing like mad trix on a fkn scooter or physics??!! amazing

♋️cancer- they give the greatest love tbh n will take care of u. I always feel safe around them

♌️leo- soOoO dramatic, like Lana del Rey status. Always down 4 some fun and really bring u outta ur comfort zone

♏️scorpio- have a lot more to them then meets the eye, every one I can think of has this crazy back story to their life. honestly don’t know a lot of them, prolly cuz they’re so mystical n like hidden treasures

♐️sagittarius- whiny babiez when life isn’t going too well for them but they’re fkn wild otherwise like hoowee let’s get into some shenanigans

♓️pisces- always a bit absent minded, probably down to do some drugz. soft lil flowers, u gotta be careful with them

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when the storm meets the sea

I don’t know if I’ll ever regret falling in love with the sea.

everyone knows what happens when two forces of nature meet near the shore. what happens after is scary and beautiful and powerful all at once. many humans dare not speak of it, but it doesn’t hurt to be shunned by a species that is unappreciative of the natural beauty of love.

sometimes I lose myself in the black depths of her eyes, and I have to pull away before something electric in my blood spreads through her waters and whips wild in the wind of our love. on the days when she looks like the sky before it breaks, the salty sea breeze tang of her lingers on my lips for days and because of her I’ll never forget the what the sea tastes like.

I am haunted by the soft battering of her words against my walls, the ones that are made of hard rock and crusted over with stubborn barnacles and dried-out seaweed. her waves tear each shell down one by one, prying them clean off the rock and leaving me open and raw.

I scream with an electric rage that gets lost and forgotten amongst her quiet waves. I’ll never get used to having someone who doesn’t flinch when I bare my teeth. she smiles at my turmoil, and caresses my skin until I float to the surface for air again.

she is a force to be reckoned with, and the deeper you go the more darkness you will find. she is filled with quiet anger, and you will know what that feels like once you find yourself drowning in the deep. the waters out there are cold and foreboding and the silence is so loud there it will make you want to tear your ears off. therefore I warn you not to mess with her, for if I don’t paint your skin purple with sparks, you will lose your mind in the depths of her anger.

I wander the world, tearing across the sky with wild abandon, and she will be everywhere that I go. I will never leave her side, and for that I am glad. her current brings beautiful things to me, and she travels the earth with me. we scour the lands, but we rule over the skies and waters without a care in the world.

we may not be untouchable but at least we can get away from it all.

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