Aquarius Moon Combinations

Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon: The independent Aries joins forces with the rebellious Aquarius making for someone that is explosive and is truly unique. This combination seeks to transform the world around them and will do their best to work alone in their mission. However, for those with more Earth placements, this makes for someone that enjoys having a powerful social circle and will use it to get ahead in the world.

Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon: This combination is interesting because Taurus enjoys stability, but Aquarius thrives on change and transformations (but not the same transformations as Scorpio). The native will not be the typical Taurus, they will be more impulsive and take on incredible risks. The artist is awoken and instead of painting beautiful works of art, they will be inclined to make radical works that shock people. This person might transform art in a provocative and futuristic way.

Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon: When Gemini meets Aquarius is makes for someone that is highly intelligent with a bit of a superiority complex. They devour information the way that we may eat a nice treat. Books are their friends; the internet is their tool and teachers will be their guides. They love information, they feed on it and they use it to get ahead or blackmail. These are natural social butterflies because people intrigue them and fuel their knowledge to understand the world.

Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon: The Aquarian influence here will make the native feel as if they have no control over their surroundings. While the Cancer Sun might want to settle their roots and establish a family, Aquarius wants to be independent and carefree. There will always be a struggle between the home life and the native. A balance must be reached from within because the interior chaos will erupt into something more as time progresses. This makes for someone that is intelligent but might lack the emotional depth that the typical water sign may have.

Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon: Sister signs might find it tough to be around one another. Leo will struggle with being needed and wanting to stay away from everyone. This might make the native reckless when it comes to socializing. The warmth of the Leo will be dimmed as the intellectual side of the Moon will guide them to focus more on themselves, which may lead them to rejecting many around them. They may be inclined to use people and then dispose of them. Time will force them to learn to appreciate those around them.

Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon: An interesting placement for Virgos as it will make them be a little more relaxed. The nervousness of Mercury will be challenged by Uranus. This will help them channel their critical side into changing the environment around them. They will be inclined to help their group of friends or community and might take on a leadership role. This placement truly transforms the Virgo, giving them a bit of Leo traits and helping the collective transform and better themselves spiritually and physically.

Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon: A lot of Air can make the Libra a bit aloof. It can also bring out the dark side of the Libra because their ego will be enhanced with this placement. Libra thrives when there is lots of beauty and when they are blessed with intelligence, this will make for a know it all with charm. The Libra may give off airs of an Aries because they will be blunt when it comes to their speech and will not sugar coat anything (unless they have Libra Mars and Rising). Aquarius is sharp and can be cruel, but with this placement the native will look like an Angel and think like the Devil.

Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon: The great detective is born with this placement. Scorpio will be more energetic, revolutionary and inspiring. The stages of transformation for this person will be memorable and filled with complexities. This makes for someone to fear since they will be great tacticians and will be ruthless when trying to accomplish their goals (check Moon and Mars placements). The Scorpio will be friendly but untrusting. People may never truly know their intentions because the Moon will allow them to mask their emotions like a professional actor.

Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Moon: Another interesting combination that will make the Sagittarius inclined to stay alone and appreciate their freedom. The Archer will want to change the world and then rule it. They will have visions and plans. There will be a focus on betterment and they will pontificate their visions and feelings until they can convince the masses. This is a placement for someone to make a great change (check Sun, Moon and 10th house placements).

Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon: Saturn and Uranus meet here to take the best of both worlds. Strict Capricorn will be relaxed with an Aquarius Moon, but this will still make for a serious combination. They will be aloof, hard to read and might be incredibly selfish. The native must learn to not use people and to be more open with their emotions. This is a placement that makes the native paranoid and untrusting. No one will know or understand them because they will be a great mystery.

Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon:Harmonious and quirky. The positive qualities of the Aquarius sun are enhanced here. The Moon is at peace and this makes the native extremely approachable, friendly and warm to those around them. Because there isn’t a sun conflict with the moon, it is easy for the native to express themselves and to get their point across to others. Their emotions will be in sync, helping them have a warm and relaxed vibe. This person will be the guru or sage in their inner circles. They will also want to change the world for the better.

Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon: A Visionary with a powerful mind and soul. The Pisces Sun will feel like they are able to transcend through space and time because Aquarius provides them with the key to open up the gates. This makes for someone that is dreamy but also has their feet on the ground. They will have a great persona mask that allows them to appear as practical and rational but in the comfort of their home, those that live with them will see that they will dream of seeing other worlds and will claim to have traveled through different points in time. If Uranus is in the 12th House, they will have psychic abilities and if it is in the first house, in conjunction with the Ascendant, they will most likely want to share with the world their discoveries.

Source: snarkywrites