Classmates: Taurus

Taurus + Aries: the couple that always finds and excuse to leave the class early

Taurus + Taurus: usually spend the entire class laughing at something, either themselves or someone else

Taurus + Gemini: both usually pay attention, but sometimes they come up with inside jokes that they laugh at 

Taurus + Cancer: the couple that secretly helps each other during tests and gives each other notes so they appear like the smartest couple in class

Taurus + Leo: the sleeping couple

Taurus + Virgo: always help each other during tests

Taurus + Libra: the couple commenting on other people’s outfits or behaviour

Taurus + Scorpio: one of this couple is always missing

Taurus + Sagittarius: borrows each other’s pens so now they don’t even remember which one’s whose

Taurus + Capricorn: the couple that looks cute together, even though both of them usually look like they’ve just gotten out of bed

Taurus + Aquarius: draw everyone in a funny way or give people nicknames

Taurus + Pisces: often end up playing games like a doodling war or counting how many times does a teacher say a specific word

Source: h3-z0diac