Venus signs + how they express their love ♀

  • Aries Venus: A person with Venus in Aries makes a passionate and spontaneous lover.  Those with Aries Venus value independence in their relationships, and always try to remain open and honest with their partners.  A Venus in Aries native is naturally playful and adventurous – they like to keep relationships fun!
  • Taurus Venus: The love of a Taurus Venus is one that can’t be found anywhere else.  Venus in Taurus natives are loyal, giving, and reassuring lovers.  These individuals are sensual and physical – they love to touch and cling to their partners.

  • Gemini Venus: A Gemini Venus individual is an exciting and communicative lover.  Venus in Gemini natives tend to keep a fun and playful attitude with their partners, and they always keep things interesting.  These individuals enjoy having deep conversations with their partner as a way of emotionally bonding.
  • Cancer Venus: Those with Venus in Cancer are nurturing, loving, and doting partners.  Cancer Venus natives are sentimental and romantic, and they possess an unconditional love for their partners.
  • Leo Venus: A person with Venus in Leo enjoys showing their partner grand displays of affection.  A Leo Venus is romantic, loyal, and giving.  Those individuals with Venus in Leo enjoy showering their partners in love.
  • Virgo Venus: Venus in Virgo natives are dedicated and devoted lovers.  Those with Virgo Venus are silent lovers, quietly showing their love through their actions.  A Virgo Venus will take care of their partner in every possible way, as they live to please.
  • Libra Venus: A Libra Venusian is an understanding, accommodating, and romantic partner.  Venus in Libra natives are devoted and adoring, and will make major changes in order to please their partner.
  • Scorpio Venus: A Venus in Scorpio native is loyal, committed, and dedicated.  Scorpio Venus natives are intense lovers and are incredibly passionate partners.  These individuals possess a love like no other.
  • Sagittarius Venus: There’s never a dull moment with a Sagittarius Venus!  Individuals with Venus in Sagittarius love life, and they want to experience all the joys that life has to offer with their special someone.  A Sagittarius Venusian wants to share everything with their partner.
  • Capricorn Venus: The love of a Capricorn Venus is a soft love.  Venus in Capricorn individuals are steady partners with a shy heart.  A Capricorn Venusian is romantic and serious, and they are very committed partners.
  • Aquarius Venus: A person with Venus in Aquarius is a person who fully accepts their partner, no matter what.  The Aquarius Venus native always wants what’s best for their partner and will gladly give them the world.
  • Pisces Venus: Venus in Pisces natives make understanding, sweet, and kind partners.  These individuals are known to be extremely empathetic and sensitive, and will go to great lengths to please their partners.

Source: leodominant