Signs as best friends

Aries: the one who will set you up on dates, tells everyone how amazing you are, wants you to workout with them and get hot together, dislikes anyone you dislike

Taurus: the sweet one who’s the first to give you a hug when you’re down, will cuddle with you at all possible times, the one to dance without a care with at a party

Gemini: the lowkey badass bitch who will cuss out anyone who harms you, is really talented but is really modest about it, will tell you when your outfit looks bad, cares a lot about you but doesn’t always show it

Cancer: the one who is calm with everyone but their friend group, especially around you, annoys you but you love them anyway, tells you their life problems because they trust you

Leo: the friend who will show up at your door at midnight to give you food, always tells you that you look hot, will send you bad memes and video call you at 2 am

Virgo: the baby of the friend group, the one who makes innocent funny jokes, wants you to come with them to everything, admires you but you admire them more

Libra: the one who helps you settle your issues, wants to know the gossip just so they can have their say on it, will probably do makeup on you and make you leave looking 10x hotter

Scorpio: the one who will tell you all their sexual encounters, tells really weird dark jokes, when they hug you seems like they lowkey want to choke you

Sagittarius: the one who will do the strangest things with you, takes you on spontaneous trips, gives great life advice, is super sarcastic with you

Capricorn: the one who makes memes with you, will help you study for exams, is probably hella awkward but less around you, will probably just cuddle and watch movies with you

Aquarius: the one who will sing loudly even they’re bad around you, can always get you to laugh when you’re tying to be serious, is always super excited for you and your achievements

Pisces: the artistic friend who can paint a sunset on your back but instead paints a meme, takes a lot of photos of you just livin’, will see the beauty in you that you don’t