Signs in the Summer


Online: posts pictures at amusement parks, beaches, concerts, etc. so they seem busy

Offline: will swing between heavy socializing and catching up on sleep


Online: travels abroad for a month and posts #tbt posts when they come back

Offline: goes to pool parties just for the free food


Online: will blow up your feed with whatever makes them look attractive or social

Offline: lives in their squad’s basement and usually only comes out for parties or day trips


Online: posts selfies with their S.O. and makes everyone jealous of their cute dates

Offline: wants a tan but decides it’s too hot and stays inside with the A/C


Online: posts #ootds about how amazing they look or vlogs for their youtube channel

Offline: chills the entire summer but somehow comes back with a million stories


Online: posts pictures by the pool while reading a book or posts videos of their favorite music artists live

Offline: works hard by day, parties hard by night


Online: keeps their snapchat and instagram stories updated so you know which parties are worth it

Offline: busy dialing their contact list so they will always have someone by their side


Online: posts when invited to events by friends but doesn’t always want to go

Offline: binge watching movie marathons and secretly enjoying summer storms


Online: posts pictures out a plane window or laughing with friends

Offline: somewhere in nature or travelling to get as far away from their home as possible


Online: barely posts unless they look good or want to make sure their follower count is high

Offline: maps out their entire summer to maximize productivity but gives themselves “off days”


Online: posts about events or parties they’re hosting for family and friends

Offline: crashes on the couch after everyone leaves


Online: posts whatever made them happy that day

Offline: finishes any artistic projects they couldn’t get around to until summer and wishes they had someone to cuddle

Source: capsun-capvenus