Signs when Angry…

Aries: Will always prove themselves right in whatever argument you put them up against.

Taurus: Will drop obvious hints that they are irritated and will explode when pushed to the absolute limit.

Gemini: Screams, shouts and uses a lot of sarcasm.

Cancer: First they are passive aggressive, then they start crying and finally they are physically fighting out the anger. 

Leo: Start cussing and saying things out of spite even though they don’t really mean it.

Virgo: Do get angry quickly, but most times it’s out of frustration.

Libra: Tries to be above anger and shadows their true emotions. Their charming personality doesn’t complement with anger.

Scorpio: Can be brutal with words and will make you regret ever disappointing them

Sagittarius: Will cut you (both in social and in real life) off without saying a word.

Capricorn: Rarely expresses anger but when they do all hell breaks loose.

Aquarius: Takes a lot to get them mad and will usually ignore the source that is bothering them but if pushed an aquarius will lose their temper.

Pisces: Can come violent and lashout on themselves. afterword need time to heal and recoup.