How the signs are awkward

Aries: accidentally makes eye contact with you one too many times

Taurus: doing the awkward sidestep thing when you’re trying to pass someone

Gemini: replying to their waitor with “you too” when they say “enjoy your meal”

Cancer: shit talking someone when they’re right there

Leo: will hit on your friend but you guys are actually dating

Virgo: holding the door open for someone who’s way too far away

Libra: accidentally liking their crush’s photo from 4 years ago

Scorpio: telling a joke but no one laughs

Sagittarius: high fiving someone who’s giving you a fist bump

Capricorn: tripping over your own foot in public

Aquarius: laughing at something that wasn’t meant to be funny

Pisces: waving at someone who’s not actually waving at them