how to tell when the signs like you

Aries: gives you all their attention and super protective. discourages any other possible partners from liking you.

Taurus: not super obvious. will shower you with gifts and compliments or watch you from afar.

Gemini: always wants to be around you. super flirty.

Cancer: laughs at every joke you make. gets shy around you. blushes a lot.

Leo: will pay extra attention to you. most likely to just come right out and tell you.

Virgo: will do a bunch of little things for you. will do anything to win your affection while still trying to stay cool.

Libra: constantly flirts with you. very touchy.

Scorpio: will try to seduce you. will probably just tell you.

Sagittarius: will talk to their friends about you. will forfeit their free time to be with you.

Capricorn: they stare at you constantly. they will try to become your best friend first.

Aquarius: tries to persuade you into liking them. “casually” talks to you to find out your interests.

Pisces: hides from you. blushes whenever you are around.

Source: geminicrayons