Things I associate the signs with.

Aries: Midnight adventures. Scraped knees. Fighting for what you believe in. Impulsive decisions. Slanted grins.

Taurus: 10+ year friendships. Netflix marathons. Coming back better than ever. Showing your full potential. Burning anger.

Gemini: Laughing until your stomach hurts. Sleepovers. Lasting friendships, the ones where even after you’ve been away a while you go back and it feels 

you’ve never been apart. Feeling like you’ve known someone forever but really just meeting them.

Cancer: Walking along the beach with someone you love. Family pets. Sunflowers. Bittersweet romance.

Leo: Glitter. Concerts. That one person that was in your classes back in high school that everyone knew of. Unforgettable/piercing eyes.

Virgo: Beautiful book collections. Watercolor paintings. Creativity. Crushing on your best friend.

Libra: Doing little things to make others happy. Baking cookies. Springtime, where everything is blooming and becoming new. Patience. Giving someone way too many chances.

Scorpio: The butterflies you get when you see your crush. Giving it your all or giving none. Stoic behavior. Ever after by Marianas Trench.

Sagittarius: Driving in the car with the windows down. Girl gangs. The lone wolf. Rising tides. The ocean.

Capricorn: Black and white movies. Independence. Trying to hide laughter or a smile. Classic good looks.

Aquarius: The 1970’s. Roller skating. Night owls. Doing what you want because you feel like it.  

Pisces: Bubbles. LA. Palm trees. Marina and the diamonds. Milkshakes.

SOURCE: here-for-lovely-people