Reasons to love yourself (for the signs):

ARIES: you know how to compete with others, don’t ever doubt yourself because it’s a waste of time. People might get frustrated that you get mad easily but it’s just how you cope. You are beautiful and inspiring with what you do.

TAURUS: you are so strong and never give up on your beliefs. If people ever call you stubborn they’re jealous because you stand up for yourself and they can’t break you. Even if you’re sad, you are there for everyone and tougher than a nail and you should be proud of yourself.

GEMINI: you know how to make others happy. You are so brilliant and smart. Don’t sell yourself out because people judge you, they just can’t keep up with your optimistic outlook on life. Dark days are common but don’t let them stop you.

CANCER: you are such a little cupcake and you get so sad so easily, but that’s common and you are stronger than you think. You are always making sure your friends are okay and it’s time to make sure you are okay too.

LEO: you are the most selfless people and you never let others stop you from what you want. Your independency can be intimidating for others but you are so tough. You are a natural leader. Strong, proud and beautiful.

VIRGO: you are organized and amazing and no one can step in your way from achievement. You are cute and respectable and people adore you. You have such an amazing sense of humor and you should tell yourself that. You deserve so much.

LIBRA: you are such a dreamy person. You are beautiful and your eyes tell stories. You are kind and people always soak you up (in a good way). Your bright smile tells people that they are welcome in your life. You are amazing!!

SCORPIO: you are not the devil that people claim you to be. You are so caring and always there for everyone. Please don’t ever doubt yourself because you are strong. People aspire to be like you, always remember that.

SAGITTARIUS: you put up this facade and people think you don’t care. Although this can be true, you care so deeply for the people that you are close to. You are such an adventurous soul that craves all things fun and that’s amazing.

CAPRICORN: you are so brilliand and amazing in every single way. You are witty and don’t let people bring you down, which is so inspiring. No one will ever tell you how to live your life and that is great.

AQUARIUS: people may be intimidated by your crazy independency but that shouldn’t stop you. You are so tough because you can handle every single obstacle that is put in your way. You are unique and constantly inspire people to be amazing. No matter what happens, keep going and ALWAYS be yourself.

PISCES: no one can keep up with your mind, you are such a physic soul that is unstoppable. Emotions may get you down but you are deep and people connect to you easily. You are sunshine on a gloomy day.

Source: astrologers-cloud-club