Signs when someone flirts with their significa…

Aries: Acts on impulse. Immediately storms over and makes sure the flirter is well aware that the flirtee is in a relationship. Will get really mad if the flirter doesn’t go away, maybe start a fight, hands will be thrown.

Taurus: Taurus’ are naturally very possessive, so they’re most likely to drag their significant other away first, they probably won’t get mad, but will be upset if their partner did.

Gemini: They’ll probably just talk alot to their partner and make the flirter feel uncomfortable. They won’t get mad, and when questioned they’ll act like nothing happened.

Cancer: Very unpredictable. They’ll either get extremely mad, or cry their eyes out, either way they’ll become emotional. Their main task is to get their s/o away without confrontation, but chairs will be thrown if necessary.

Leo: They’ll do a stunt to get their attention, and then when they do they’ll whisk them away, and make out with kiss their significant other infront of the flirter, and glare angrily. They might even pounce and start a fight.

Virgo: Not interested in bullshit. They’ll just wait to talk to their partner and sort things out. Probably won’t do much, unless it happens again, then they’ll pull their partner away.

Libra: Probably acts like Gemini, but other than that generally trusts their partner. They know they’re great, why get jealous?

Scorpio: Will watch silently from the shadows and spend weeks, months and years planning revenge,,and when they do, hell (literally) breaks loose.

Sagittarius: Depending on how much they love their partner, they’ll either break up with them or fight the flirter lol.

Capricorn: will probably just act really cold until their s/o asks what’s up and then they’ll explain. Whether they explain calmly or not is a different matter…

Aquarius: They don’t really get jealous, they don’t care about much, but that doesn’t mean they’ll just let it slide if they’re cheated on.

Pisces: they’re too much in their own little world to really care about anything going on. Either that, or they’ll be a psychopath. There’s no inbetween.

Source:  whenyouwantdeath