The Signs as Moms

Aries: the competitive mom who would put you in every sport/ competition and would want you to win all. But if you don’t, she’ll comfort you and buy you amazing pizza

Taurus: the stay at home mom. She wants to make sure that you are protected at all times so she’ll stay at home and watch you

Gemini: the mom who everyone knows. This mom is usually coordinating events, president of the neighborhood watch and PTA president at your school.

Cancer: the soccer mom. She will support you with everything thing you do and probably is head of the team bake sales.

Leo: the hot mom. Don’t be surprised if some of your friends come over frequently just to see your mom. She of course would never cross that line because that would be very awkward for you.

Virgo: the mom with high expectations. This is the mom who wants you to get into Harvard and then become a doctor and marry a lawyer. But she will push you to strive for the best.

Libra: the very loving mom. You might find this mom as annoying because she is very clingy and wants to ensure your safety at all times. But this is only because she loves you soooo much

Scorpio: the cool but strict mom. She’ll be lenient with some things such as parties and friends over. But you must follow her rules or else.

Sagittarius: the best friend mom. You can basically go to this mom for anything and she will give you the best advice for yourself.

Capricorn: the hardworking mom. This mom will do anything to ensure that her babies are safe. Like the Leo mom she might not be home at times. But she’s doing this to ensure you have everything you need

Aquarius: the laid back mom. She’s probably the most lenient of all the moms and understands that you need to learn some things on your own. But note if she sees that you are struggling and can’t figure something out, she’s there no matter what the problem is.

Pisces: the accepting mom. All this mom as well as the others want to see you happy no matter what that circumstance is. She’ll support you 100%