The Signs Best Qualities


I have never met an Aries that wasn’t fucking hilarious and knew it. Y’all are so funny and creative constantly, your hyper personalities draw people in to thrive off your constant and seemingly bottomless energy. I feel constantly entertained and warm around you people.


I’m gonna be real, I haven’t had the best experiences with y’all, but your dedication is one of the most strong and responsible things I’ve ever seen. You’re the type of people to see something you wanna do and you get that shit done. I respect the absolute fuck out of that.


You guys are so creative and funny. You’re some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met in my life, and conversation is never dull. Scorpio’s give off such cool and chill yet eccentric vibes and I just wanna pick your brain and find all the cool and colorful shit in there.


If you want to find someone who has a thought out opinion on everything just talk to a Taurus. You guys are never-ending learners. You have an endless need for new information and you love sharing it, and I love hearing it! You’re massively intelligent and well spoke people.


One of my best frienss in the world is the biggest Sag in the world, and oh my god are you guys hilarious. Your adventurous spirits are something I could get drunk off of, and I could follow a Sag on any little adventure even if it’s just to a supermarket.


My people, Virgo’s are creative, intelligent people who constantly wanna help people all the time. Any Virgo you meet will help you with tiny little tasks just because they want to. They offer great advice and care deeply about all of their friends, and it shows!!


Ah, the butt of every astrology joke. Gemini’s are underrated as hell. When you find a person you love, you become loyal and protective as hell. You’re funny, creative people with a lot of spirit and I think you definitely deserve much more credit for being great friends and lovely people to be around.


Literally, my favorite people to talk shit with. Y’all take NO shit and you are constantly ready to have deep, meaningful discussion. Some of the most insightful people I’ve met, you always manage to change my perspective on things and make people see things in a new light.


Pisces are known for being emotional and I have no idea why that can be viewed as a bad thing. You have such a soft spot for everyone that you’re constantly supportive and empathetic to others and their feelings. You’re easy to talk to and super loving, and it’s so refreshing to be around someone that genuinely feels for you.


Cancers are some of the most fun and uplifting people ever. You guys are ready to smile with anyone and laugh, and I love making up crazy stories with you because you’re so stupidly creative it’s insane. You guys give the best pep talks and make me feel so good, and I love that.


One of my favorite signs, you almost always manage to make me fall in love with you. I’m on the Leo cusp, so every time I meet a Leo we laugh until our stomachs hurt. You’re creative, talented, funny, and energetic and you pull people in with your happy additudes.


Another sign that I have not been particularly happy with, yet you still manage to redeem yourself constantly. You’re fair, diplomatic people who work hard for justice and feel as if you need to treat everyone fairly. And you do! You really really want everyone to get the same treatment and opportunity and that’s really admirable.

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