🔮What dreams are made of 🌙

Aries moon: maybe you want something to finally satisfy that unnerving and continuous itch for movement, to gain a short moment of inner peace and quietness. You’re not the kind to back down from provocations, and that’s never going to change. But your soul is as fragile as anyone’s, and it needs time to recharge with power for new fights.

Taurus moon: you like when you have your arms and eyes full of the sight of possessions, loved ones or your ideal constellation of elements. But it gets boring having it all. And there’s also the need to have more, and more. It’s not what it worths, but what it makes it worthy.

Gemini moon: diversity keeps you entertained and awake. You prefer to taste a little bit of everything, but just can’t take the full package, with all the goods and bads. Sometimes, it would be so much better if you were more greedy and less flighty.

Cancer moon: it’s exhausting too put so much heart in every new hope you make. Nothing seems enough safe or serious for you. And on the rare occasion when you do find something that nearly resembles your standards, for a moment you can almost feel it. The ephemeral contentment. And it’s real.

Leo moon: your inner child is quite funny; one day they feel like the sky is theirs, and the next is wondering why the stars are so far away from their limited grasp. Chasing after sun ashes can be a tricky job. Try not to loose your spark by aspiring to the one of someone else’s.

Virgo moon: carefully, prudent and simply perfect. That’s how you dance under the endless Sky Kingdom. You strategically move your hands to your chest, checking if your heartbeat hasn’t speeded. It never does. But what if today is the day when it will?

Libra moon: in love with your own soul. In love with what makes it happy, what gives you that spark in your eyes. You join the party, and never leave it until the dawn. Seeing comets falling from the sky, but never fearing the marked burns on your cheeks.

Scorpio moon: you never trust reasons. You just follow the whispers of your heart, the aching wants of intimacy with another being. You don’t want someone else to complete you; you want a foreign arm tight wrapped around your neck; a soft voice promising everything and all to you.

Sagittarius moon: you love the cold breeze on your face; the sun is just so big and bright. You could stay in the daylight forever. Humming forgotten hymns about nature and the Universe. With your feet under the amusing blanket of green grass; savoring the last minutes of warm weather.

Capricorn moon: there’s just one way to get everything you want. Everything you need. And you found it. It’s just that you can’t remember what motivates you. You have this and this. You don’t need a new bike, a new love in your chest or a pair of fancy shoes. Maybe just dreaming about having them is actually what makes you happy.

Aquarius moon: what if everyone was like in your visions? Fair, but also revolutionary in their own ways? It would be a mess. You know that everybody is different and has various philosophies after which they guide their lives. Just as you do. You’re the Prometeus of your own inner world.

Pisces moon: sometimes, this place can be a really scary and discouraging one. You fear that one day it will reach with its claws into your soul, and it will never let go of you. But you’re strong. Strong enough to keep your heart tender even in the darkest times. Just let the hope in.

Source:  astro-slytherin