The signs as dream sequences

Aries: You’re walking down a spiral staircase that never seems to end. The last step comes and you fall, gently floating down in billowing fabric until you wake up.

Taurus: You’re in a playground you remember from your childhood, but it’s completely empty. You see a few young children playing in the trees. They gesture for you to follow them. You wake up as they lead you to a clearing covered in wildflowers.

Gemini: You’re at a party but you have a nagging feeling that you can’t find the people you arrived with. You wander between rooms, not able to remember the faces of who you’re looking for. You sit down in between a few people on a comfy couch, waking up as you drift off to sleep in the dream.

Cancer: You’re in a huge empty room with marble columns and a black and white checkered floor. There are huge windows on the other side of the room, but you can only see fog outside the window. You hear the faint sound of the needle scratching a record. You wake up as the song begins to play

Leo: You look up at a star-filled sky and every star is unusually vivid. The sky becomes a small pond, and you climb into a boat made of an over-sized leaf. You wake up as the boat is pushed by waves.

Virgo: You’re on a dark cobblestone road. You see a figure underneath the light of a lamppost. You see them stomp out a cigarette and turn onto a side street, coat billowing behind them. You follow the figure, waking up as they disappear down another corner.

Libra: You’re sprawled out in the backseat of a car driving along a country road. You have the vague sense that you’ve been in the car for hours. The radio is on but you can’t recognize the song. You wake up as rain starts to roll down the window.

Scorpio: You’re in a field of tall grass. You choose a direction to walk in, feeling the grass brush against your bare ankles. As you walk, you notice that the ground ahead seems to angle downward. You wake up as you find yourself on top of a hill, multicolored grass surrounding you on all sides.

Sagittarius: You’re waiting in line in a dimly lit house. The wall is covered in paneled wood, and you see the people ahead of you being ushered into a dark room. You enter the room, seeing an old fashioned roller-coaster cart. You climb into the cart, waking up as it plummets into the ground.

Capricorn: You find yourself in the audience of an ornate opera house. There is no one else in the theater except for a conductor in front of an empty orchestra pit. The conductor taps his baton against a music stand and music fills the space. You wake up as you feel your seat moving farther and farther away from the conductor.

Aquarius: You’re on a factory floor, surrounded by gigantic humming machines. You suddenly fall, landing on a conveyor belt filled with uniform black boxes. Every box disappears as you touch it. You see thousands of boxes organized into crates. You wake up as you begin to walk on the conveyor belt, not moving any farther from where you started.

Pisces: You’re in the middle of a bustling market. Every sign is in a language you cannot read. You can’t find the one item you’re looking for. Every time you turn, you see the same few stands. You wake up as you see a stand with an old friend behind the counter.

Source:  lakeeffectbitch