the signs as fortune street characters’ board …

ARIES: “Bwah hah hah! Lava everywhere! The only way this could get better is if someone fell in!” – Bowser, Mt. Magmageddon

TAURUS: “I’m getting a faint whiff of…eau de vine, is it? Is that your perfume? Very classy. I’ll have to get a name off you.” – Stella, Castle Trodain

GEMINI: “Oh, look at that little old castle! Isn’t it adorable? Say, I wonder if the owner would let me set up a party planning branch in the town?” – Patty, Peach’s Castle

CANCER: “There’s nothing like a big strong man to- Hey! That’s just a statue! But I gave it my number…” – Birdo, The Colossus

LEO: “Argh! That stupid sun is blinding me! Think you can outshine the great Waluigi, do ya, sun?!” – Waluigi, Delfino Plaza

VIRGO: “Look at this picturesque little town! I remember the time I cleaned it top to bottom!” – Mario, Delfino Plaza

LIBRA: “That statue is certainly imposing. Maybe they should soften it up with a little lip gloss…” – Princess Peach, The Colossus

SCORPIO: “Spawn of contumelious constellations? I shall banish the stars one by one, till the one true darkness hath won!” – Dragonlord, Delfino Plaza

SAGITTARIUS: “Bwah hah hah! So this is the place to change my vocation, huh? Sure, why not! Sign me up as a Master Fool-Stomper!” – Bowser, Alltrades Abbey

CAPRICORN: “I’m gonna snatch up every last Yoshi on that island and sell ‘em to a collector! I’ll be rich!” – Wario, Yoshi’s Island

AQUARIUS: “A castle way up high in the sky!? I bet they’ve got some magic bananas around here!” – Donkey Kong, The Observatory

PISCES: “Whew! This place looks friendly enough. I actually think it’s smiling at me!” – Toad, Slimenia

Source: highlyspecificsigns