The Signs as Neko Atsume Cats

Aries: Shadow; wants to show its appreciation but not very good at doing so

Taurus: Ms. Fortune; cares about those within its household

Gemini: Peaches; fits in to either crowd but feels appreciated either way

Cancer: Pickles; weak but only offered protection by those who understand its weakness

Leo: Xerxes IX; high and mighty but willing to offer much to others

Virgo: Snowball; was there for you first but is often underappreciated since they seem so common

Libra: Pepper; special but too shy to appreciate their own significance

Scorpio: Tubbs; takes from you what it needs, but will show its gratitude if shown patience

Sagittarius: Bob the Cat; adventurous but afraid to offer much to others

Capricorn: Billy the Kitten; although seems normal and dainty on the outside, holds turmoil on the inside

Aquarius: Marshmallow; may be powerful but this is due to lack of compassion

Pisces: Frosty; only goes to a place when they feel they’d be safe in that environment

Source: poetic-astrology-4428