The signs as weird ass dreams I’ve had

Aries: My whole family was being terrorized by giant toys. My sister was kidnapped by a huge wind-up shark

Taurus: I skipped school with a friend to steal Christmas decorations and had tea with a crazy cat lady. I was gone so long that everyone thought I was dead. I also lived next door to President Obama who gave me a big hug when he found out I was safe. When I explained what happened, I started off with “uuuuh let me be clear…” No one finds me funny, even in my dreams.

Cancer: I got grounded because I was swimming in a lake that had a dead body in it that I didn’t know about it. My mom’s reason: “It’s dangerous”

Gemini: My stepdad threw me into shark-infested waters while we were fishing.

Leo: I was in a Zelda game. No particular one, just… A Zelda game. It had the graphics of Skyward Sword, but I fought Ganon and I specifically remember jumping off of that really tall cliff at Goron Mountain, like in Ocarina of Time. But like the enemies looked like the versions from the older games?

Virgo: I was kidnapped from the sandbox(keep in mind I was 7 or 8 when I had this dream) by a male-looking black entity. From that day on I refused to play in the sandbox

Libra: A werewolf busted into my room and killed my brother and kidnapped me. Not just ANY werewolf, mind you, the kind form Harry Potter. (I was also like 8 when I had this dream)

Scorpio: Louis from Family Guy drove up and when I came outside, her eyes turned black and she started talking about the “Black Plague” and it snowed red

Sagittarius and Pisces: I could fly literally just by thinking really hard and flapping my arms. I flew away any time anyone yelled at me. Ever since I had this dream I find myself thinking “What if I can actually do that tho”

Capricorn: I had wings and everything around me was really out of focus besides myself. I could look at my hand and it’d be clear, but if I picked up a rock, I couldn’t see it. I don’t remember a lot about this dream but I do remember flying to the top of a hill looking over a really out of focus city skyline.

Aquarius: My best friend started hating me. Like something I had been doing slowly got on their nerves over time and then suddenly they got mad, yelled at me and stopped talking to me. When I woke up, I thought it was real and was really upset and did nothing but lay around in my bed for hours until they texted me and I realized I had just been dreaming.

Source:  helloitismeagain