sister signs as cliche couples

Aries & Libra are the jock and the cheerleader; they met at a party one night during freshmen year and it was love at first sight. Everyone’s OTP: they’re the attractive, sociable, popular couple that everyone loves to be around.

Taurus & Scorpio are the old, bickering married couple; they love each other, really, they do – but at this point, the only way they show it is by arguing back and forth. To everyone else, it’s tiring, but they could never get sick of it, much less each other. And hey – it help keeps the passion alive!

Gemini & Sagittarius are partners-in-crime; daring, fun and always prepared to take a risk, this couple has always got each other’s back. There’s no shortage of excitement with these two; they are truly the best when it comes to having a good time.

Cancer & Capricorn are the ones that prove that opposites attract. No one can seem to explain how they got together, or why they work (hell, even they have trouble explaining it sometimes) but they just do. Maybe it’s magic, maybe it’s fate (maybe it’s all written in the stars?); whatever it is, it’s doing a great job keeping them together.

Leo & Aquarius are the ones who never realized they were in love. Heavy flirting, implied naked cuddling, jealousy – they even fight like real couples do! Sure it was obvious to everyone – everyone except them, of course. It’s been going on for awhile, and their friends are starting to think maybe they should clue them in on the fact that they’re dating without the title…then again, it’s kind of hilarious to watch them be so totally clueless towards each other.

Virgo & Pisces are the grade school sweethearts; sweet and innocent, it first begins with hair-pulling and name-calling, but then ends with a note passed in class that reads, “I know someone who likes you” and a kiss behind the playground. Oh, to be young and in love!

Source: natalvenus