how to make the signs happy

aries: do all their favorite things, go shopping, tanning, working out, just get them out of their house and do something fun

taurus: give them a soft blanket and wrap them up in it and hug them and tell them you’re there for them

gemini: offer to take them somewhere, be open with them, let them tell you all of their stories

cancer: be nice to them, fully reciprocate all the love they show you

leo: let them talk, listen to them and show them you actually care about what they’re saying

virgo: make them let their hair down, bring them outside and let them breathe in fresh air, sit them down and tell them everything’s going to be alright

libra: give back. believe it or not, they give you a lot even if you don’t see it so just do little things back and I promise it’ll make their entire day

scorpio: hug them, show them you love them in your own way whether its sarcastic banter or little gifts just let them know you care

sagittarius: go on a mini adventure, tell them how much they mean to you, understand and support their feelings

capricorn: tell them to take a break, tell them they’re doing an amazing job and everything they do is important, tell them they’re important

aquarius: give them some good music, a good book, or their favorite whatever, tell them jokes, make them smile, sit with them and make them feel comforted

pisces: make a pillow fort, show them affection, make them feel loved and comforted

Source: squadastrology