the signs and wonderful things

aries: happy screaming on a rollercoaster, out of control backyard bonfires, a dustdevil in the desert

taurus: the smell of wet earth, ancient stone ruins, planning for a fantastic future

gemini: colorful hats, wicked grins, asking a million random questions in the middle of the night

cancer: standing knee deep in the ocean, making eye contact with a beautiful stranger, looking for tide pools in the rocks

leo: the sound of a fire crackling, staying up late to talk to someone special, knowing exactly what you want and doing whatever it takes to get it

virgo: bright green eyes, trying everything and anything, staying awake til the sun comes up

libra: coconut scented candles, a field of lavender flowers, airy laughter

scorpio: whale songs, tattooed hands, piercing yellow eyes shining in the dark

sagittarius: nighttime beach bonfires, sitting on the curb at night pointing out constellations, loud, genuine, unapologetic laughter

capricorn: 40 year old hand-me-down overalls, keeping a jar of spare change in the trunk of a car, impeccable taste in fashion

aquarius: really great hugs, lightning streaking through the night sky, sitting in a car listening to the rain

pisces: teaching yourself an instrument, finding a four leaf clover in the grass, eclectic and unique fashion sense

Source: astroloman