The Signs as Dads

Aries – athletic, active dad; stays in shape; probably bench presses his children; raises his kids to be athletes

Taurus – dad who is an amazing cook; makes the best dinners and desserts

Gemini – funny dad; makes the ultimate dad jokes

Cancer – dad who provides tons of emotional support and kindness to his kids

Leo – dad who loves to read and act out tons of bedtime stories

Virgo – smart dad; teaches his kids to read as soon as they open their eyes

Libra – dad who always shows tons of affection and love for his family

Scorpio – mischievous dad; will sneak his kids another cookie when the other parent isn’t watching

Sagittarius – gamer dad; loves to play all kinds games with his kids, such as video games, outdoor games like baseball, and board games like monopoly

Capricorn – science dad; always tells his kids true facts about the environment and explains natural phenomena to them, doesn’t let them believe in silly lies

Aquarius – dad who lets his kids watch TV a lot; he probably secretly enjoys kids’ shows

Pisces – imaginative dad; spends times creating stories and games and helping his kids create huge, elaborate dreams and ideas

Source: legitastrology