the signs as happy feelings & not so happy fee…

aries: getting a compliment from someone you look up to or admire / the frustration of not being able to explain your thoughts for others to understand

taurus: taking a warm shower at the end of a tiring day / not having the courage to do something you really want to do

gemini: laughing super hard on a fun night out with your friends / barely missing a goal you set for yourself

cancer: the comfort of hugging someone who means a lot to you / missing an opportunity to see someone you were looking forward to seeing

leo: being greeted or smiled at by your crush / being too tired to finish something you need to get done

virgo: the rush of reading the climax of a good book / feeling like you’re not quite good enough

libra: having a good time at a party or social gathering you were somewhat reluctant to attend / regretting a poor decision

scorpio: receiving affection from a significant other or someone you’re attracted to / when the fear of rejection holds you back from approaching someone

sagittarius: the feeling of being out late at night adventuring / feeling too exhausted to live life fully

capricorn: when hard work turns into a successful accomplishment / lacking motivation

aquarius: when someone you’ve been missing makes plans with you / feeling lonely and bored

pisces: making someone you care about laugh or smile when they need it most / not receiving the affection or attention you desire

Source: bbyblueastrology