The signs’ in love

♈️Aries: Extreme denying at first, once they fall they fall, though. Easily gives’ up. Gets tired. Loves they’re partner extremely, and would do anything for them.

♉️Taurus: Distracted, happy, scared, careful, oblivious. Plays around with them a lot. Acts like a child. Makes fun of their partner, messes with them.

♊️Gemini: Doesn’t realize it, when they do they try to hide it, flirts lowkey, compliments A LOT.

♋️Cancer: kind of close minded. Happy, and joyful. Everywhere. Excited. Wants to be with you 24/7. Won’t hide the fact that they love their partner. Plays with their hair, hugs them, smiles all the time.

♌️Leo: make it very obvious they love you they become a bit protective and obsessive and would literally do anything just to spend time with you or be around you

♍️Virgo: Paranoid, gives it all they’ve got. Conscious, confident. Tries to inspire their partner, puts them first.

♎️Libra: Talks about their passions, their partner being one of them. Talks about their past experiences, not afraid of what comes after, lives more in the moment. Sometimes isolated themselves around just them and their partner.

♏️Scorpio: they are distant as hell. they don’t put emotion into their words but believe it or not they actually are being genuine. they are constantly showering you with compliments. they do love you no matter how bad they are at showing it.

♐️Sagittarius: Talks about their partner 24/7, kind of an abusive lover though, whenever shit goes wrong they argue, they love to aspire, talks to their partner about all of their problems, an asshole to their partner because they’re so in denial.

♑️ Capricorn: they block other people out that isn’t their loved one not in a bad way but they do let their lover take up a lot of their time

♒️Aquarius: Ify about everything, paranoid all the time, over thinks and over analyzes every single detail in every single situation, tries to be around their partner all the time. Wants to be perfect for their partner. A little confused and shook. Awkward, tries to be flirty.

♓️Pisces: Extremely difficult, always wants to talk to you, asks their partner to talk on the phone. Will be petty with their partner, always thinks about their partner, tries to show off, and impress their partner, loves talking about their partner, oblivious to the world around them, knows exactly when they’re in love.

Source: zodiac-co