messages for the signs

tropical & sidereal. apply to sun, moon, rising, venus and jupiter.

pisces you’re reaching for something unattainable which is leading to disappointment. you’re so focused on this specific outcome or thing, that you’re not seeing the perfectly realistic and attainable one right in front of you. take a step back. an earth sign could be trying to help you, but like i said, you’re not seeing it because you’re focused on the wrong thing. it could also be that you are purposely not acknowledging them because you don’t want to admit “surrender.”

virgo you hurt yourself the longer you cling onto this outdated thing. it seems as though you’re trying to remain in denial of the entire situation. for some of you it seems like a third party situation and you’re trying to rationalize staying with the person who did you wrong. you’re missing out on better opportunities by justifying the other person’s shitty actions. wake up and smell the coffee. is the relationship genuinely worth keeping? it’s time to raise your sword and cut the cord. no wavering. ask for an outsider’s pov. your mind is too cloudy and unclear to make an objective decision.

capricorn what are you avoiding? an offer for a better life is being presented to you, but self deprecating and anxious thoughts are flooding your mind. you’re handling too much at once. you feel as though you lack control, but that’s all in your mind. take hold of the reigns of your life. do not allow yourself to fall into this rabbit hole. you are the ruler of your own life. don’t think so much, just do. if you’ve been taking on other people’s responsibilities as a way to prove yourself and feel useful, you’re doing it wrong. it feels as though you’re falling into old habits, thus regressing in your progress. in terms of that offer, it seems like an opportunity to heal from pain, trauma, or heartbreak. ur lingering in the energy & it isn’t benefiting you. it’s time to snap out of it and take action.

taurus i see a budding relationship! butterflies in your stomach, heart fluttering, flushed cheeks. there could be a lot of flirting, texting, facetime calls, what have you. it feels like a soulmate connection, but there’s hesitation in completely immersing yourself in this connection. there’s a fear of letting yourself fall. perhaps things are moving so quickly that it’s overwhelming your slow and deliberate nature. perhaps you fear it is too good to be true. but how will you know unless you fall?

cancer slow down. you can’t just take the easy way out by asking other people to do your dirty work. this is your journey. in order to make the best of it, you must pick up the sword and cut the weeds out in order to forge your path. patience. diligence. you already know what you have to do, but i see you looking forward at the path ahead and feeling discouraged because there r no short cuts. nah. don’t be like that. you know you will be rewarded for your hard work. don’t think of hard how hard it will be to get there, just go.

leo be very careful of what you want to bring to life or what you commit to. the wheel is working in your favor, but it doesn’t seem as though your intentions are very clear. some of you need to be careful of not signing a contract without reading the fine print. you’re being sold a pipe dream and could suffer the consequences of that if you dig yourself too deep. this could also be in terms of a relationship. someone is projecting themselves as your ideal match but they’re not. use discernment. ask the right questions. pay attention. don’t get caught up in the fluff.

Source: sinfulpluto