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The Signs as Things Said by People I Know Who …

Aries: “His face says hot but his bio says dickhead and his stupid snapback says douchey frat boy so I’d swipe left if I was you.”

Taurus: “This is just like that episode of Grey’s Anatomy!” *explains in detail the plot of an episode that doesn’t have anything to do with the situation*

Gemini:  “Sometimes you have to kick the dude in the balls.  Sometimes you have to make out with his best friend.  Sometimes you just have to sit at home and eat ice cream and watch The Notebook 30 times.  I don’t make the rules.”

Cancer: “We’d be screwed if our parents got murdered and we were being chased by Count Olaf.  We’re idiots.  We can’t do anything.”

Leo: “Please remember: we are on a boat.  If you fight him, you’ll have to walk the plank, and I’m not coming in after you.”

Virgo: “Someone just handed me this baby but I don’t know who they were and I don’t know whose baby this is or anything so I guess I’m a mom now?”

Libra: “I like your dad.  The first time I met him, he put my shoulder back in it’s socket.  It’s gonna take a lot to make me hate him.”

Scorpio: “Okay so here’s my new thesis: Words are Made Up and Languages are Fake: Screw You Linguistics.  I think it’s pretty good.”

Sagittarius: “Sometimes I just want to poison someone.  I could do it, you know.  I’m a bartender.  Nobody would ever know.”

Capricorn: “Jack-Jack is my hero.  He’s a baby, and he’s the absolute shit.  Superman wishes he was Jack-Jack.  I wish I was half as cool as him.”

Aquarius: “Legally Blonde taught me I could be hot and still be a kick ass lawyer.  Law school just teaches me laws and all that boring shit.”

Pisces: “I wish I was an Avenger cause I’d just have theme music all the time.  Hey, can you follow me around just playing Mamma Mia constantly?”

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The Signs as Mythical Creatures

Aries: Chimera

The Chimera is a fire-breathing Fusion of several animals mixed into one creature; a Snake for a Tail, two large Bat Wings, their body is a mix of a Goat and a Lion, and they have 2 heads in the forms of a Goat and Lion. The Chimera’s bold and fiery nature is a great match for the passionate and determined Aries!

Taurus: Akhlut

The Akhlut is an Inuit monster, thought to be a powerful water spirit. Though it may appear as a large Orca when in Water, when it is on land, the Akhlut takes the form of a ½ Wolf and ½ Orca hybrid. The Akhlut is a sturdy and powerful creature, making it a great fit for Taurus.

Gemini: Vampire

A Vampire is a humanoid creature who feeds on human blood, as well as having the abilities to transform into a bat or wolf, not having shadows or reflections, can control weather, and slight immortality. However, a Vampire can be defeated by Garlic & Holy Symbols, they lose their powers in sunlight, and a wooden stake driven into their heart can easily kill them. Although they are definitely a monster, Vampires are also depicted as fancy and beautiful. Their adaptable and eccentric nature definitely makes them great for Gemini.

Cancer: Gorgon

A Gorgon is the type of monster Medusa was; a humanoid creature with snakes for hair, and the ability to turn anyone to stone simply with eye contact. Although Gorgon are fierce monsters, they are also often depicted as misunderstood, and that nature makes them a great match for the Imaginative yet Pessimistic nature of a Cancer.

Leo: Ifrit

An Ifrit is a mystical Middle Eastern creature. They are powerful creatures of Fire, who live in societies deep underground, and are depicted as neither truly good nor truly evil. Considering that Leo are often generous yet stubborn people, Ifrit seem to be a good fit for them.

Virgo: Kitsune

A Kitsune is a Japanese Yokai, depicted as a Fox with 9 (or more) tails. They have the ability to Shapeshift and manipulate Fire. And although some folktales show Kitsune as mischievous trickster spirits, they can also be faithful and kind spirits, though they do need their space and are rather shy creatures; making them a wonderful fit for Virgo.

Libra: Harpy

A Harpy is a humanoid ½ Human and ½ Bird creature, and while they are beautiful, they can also be dangerous and powerful at the same time. A Libra’s social and indecisive nature seems like a good fit for a wonderful Harpy!

Scorpio: Dullahan

The Dullahan is an Irish headless humanoid creature, who carries their head along with them, and uses their own spine as a whip while riding around on a dark horse to kill travelers. The Dullahan is a resourceful and distrusting monster, making it a great fit for Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Centaur

A Centaur is a humanoid creature with the Top half of a Human and the Bottom half of a Horse / Deer / other animals of those types. And though the man who created the Centaurs, Ixion, was a really bad dude, Centaur can also be depicted as very Generous, if not a little bit undiplomatic; and that nature makes them a great fit for Sagittarius! Not to mention, lots of Centaurs are depicted as Archers, and considering both Archers and Horses (and even Centaurs) often represent Sagittarius, this fits weirdly well.

Capricorn: Griffin

The Griffin is a powerful Egyptian creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a Lion, and the Head and Front half of an Eagle (or other types of Birds). Griffins are said to be the “majestic king of all creatures”, and are depicted as Responsible, if not Unforgiving, creature. And given the common personality of Capricorns, a Griffin seems to be a good match.

Aquarius: Dragon

A Dragon a giant serpent-like creature with horns, two wings, 4 legs, and a tail. These Dragons are also well-known to be capable of Flight, Breathing Fire, and other forms of magic depending on the overall strength of the specific Dragon. Dragons are powerful, eccentric, and often very intelligent creatures, making them perfect for representing Aquarius.

Pisces: Selkie / Mermaid

A Mermaid is an exclusively-aquatic humanoid creature that is ½ Human and ½ Fish. Similarly, a Selkie is an aquatic humanoid creature who is ½ Human and ½ Seal. Both of these creatures are very similar, so pick which one your want to be (if you’re a Pisces), and both are often depicted Gentle, Compassionate, albeit often Sad creatures; making them a great fit for Pisces. Not to mention, Pisces is often depicted as a fish, further showing how great a Mermaid or Selkie is to represent this sign.

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Strong, powerful, and once they make up their mind about something and/or have a goal in mind nothing and no one can stop them. They just need to try and continue even when they get discouraged, because they have this tendency to quit quickly. Their ambition is admirable, they need to always remember their light and the fire that sparked when they started to get themselves back on their feet. Their fighting spirit can go through that storm and later be blessed with all the benefits out of it. Warriors, fighters and initiators. The zodiac wheel starts with them because they are fearless and have the power to transform.


Talented and appreciated. They should not doubt their work ethic. Their endurance is incredible when it comes to their desires and wishes, when something does not fulfill them they lose interest. They should not underestimate themselves about what they can achieve because they can easily create something incredible. People around them appreciate and adore them. Do not quit on love and your own worth. Believe in your abilities, your dreams and goals, because I am sure you will get to that finish line.


Intelligent and caring. Their mind is a true gift – they can make amazing transformations with a pen in their hand or just by expressing their thoughts. Whether the transformations will be positive or negative depends on their beliefs. They can be their own most powerful friend or worst enemy. Do not ever think you do not have worth and never doubt your intelligence. You have what is needed to make a positive change and bring more love into the world.


Loved and people trust them. The passion they show should not be seen as a weakness. Their strength is shown through offering their help to others. In a world full of selfishness and absurdity, they are the necessary force. There is power behind their actions because they can easily create or destroy. They are the pillar that people need through all the transformations in life and our new birth. Do not forget to love, the world needs that.


Valued humanitarians. There might be an insecurity arising when they do not feel like people are returning the love, but do not forget people really value you. There is a force, power inside you that can help you get through all challenges life offers and that look impossible. Trust that force. You are the Sun that shines light on all of us and warms us with its sunlight.


Trend-setters and grounded. They can become their own worst enemy, because they really understand the darkest sides of human nature. Where others see victory, you are able to see the flaws in it. It is important to understand, that your words are sometimes harsh, do not use them on yourself. Learn to value yourself. Your achievements are not for nothing and the world really respects them. Do not fight against yourself.


Respected diplomats. Controlled, calm and collected. They have the power to change others’ thoughts and sometimes you might wear a mask nobody can discover. Nobody will know who you are and understand you because you carefully choose your words. You can destroy with kindness, so do not let others think you are less than you really are.


Power and transformation. They understand what it is like to get back on your feet after a failure. You cannot let others’ words influence you in any way. You are fighters and you understand what it is like to win the battle. It is important for you to be proud of the way you think strategically.


Philosophers, idealists and true champions. They do not hide behind someone when they express their strong opinions and they possess this confidence. You like the challenges. You often win in whatever you desire, your stubbornness leads you to victory. Do not stop fighting.


Hard-working and consistent. There are moments when they are their own worst enemy. But, remember that you are always on the top and you get there with your consistency and hard work also the knowledge you are on Earth for something huge. Do not let doubts influence your decisions, you are doing great. Free yourself and your mind. Think of the finish line and continue your journey. You have real power and you know how to use it in a subtle way.


A real enigma. The spirit of Aquarians is in a state of constant change and social transformation. You are leading battles in an intellectual and physical way. Nobody can match up to your intelligence and endurance. Your dreams are brilliant, and with you visions you can change social norms. Your philosophy can open minds, and your actions help people understand where is the limit.


Misunderstood fighters. You really need to believe in yourself. Your fight is inner and others cannot see what is going on in your mind or heart. Maybe they see you as weak, but you are always ready for a new challenge. You choose your battles wisely and you know when you are going to win.Battles


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Aquarius is highly unpredictable.

Signs as Dodie Clark Songs


Aries: Dear Happy

“I know it’s scary / But don’t be wary / If we don’t have that long / Let’s not waste it feeling wrong / This isn’t the end / I’m your lifelong friend / Sure it’s been a while / But I’ll be here when you smile”

Taurus: Absolutely Smitten

“She knows this feeling all too well / She feels her heart begin to swell /Handsome stranger, you have made her insides turn to jelly / She wants to dance around the room / Kiss you until your lips turn blue / But handsome stranger you have made her wonder… /Is she pretty?”

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The Revenge Style of The Signs

Aries: Their revenge may or may not be unexpected but it’s sure to be sudden. You’ll feel as if a volcano erupts in your heart. You’ll feel the rush and the fear in your veins, in your blood.

Taurus: “The only thing you should fear, is fear itself.” Is a wise saying as Taurus uses this as a motto for their revenge. You will worry and tremble every second waiting for their move as the fear consumes you.

Gemini: A totally unexpected revenge. It’s like a lethal virus that spreads in milliseconds in your body and shocks you with unimaginable pain. Gemini won’t attempt revenge often however when they do, you better run.

Cancer: They will make you scream in agony and cry for hours. You won’t notice their vengeance. Even slightly. They will have you wrapped around their finger and you will think what’s wrong with yourself over and over again.

Leo: They will plan their revenge bold and out there. Their trick though, is that no matter how out there it is, everyone will watch them in awe as you struggle to get out of their sly masterplan. Anything is possible when it comes to Leo.

Virgo: Virgo will disguise themselves like a chameleon as they test your deepest thoughts and fears. Your tongue will tell them the answers in riddles which you yourself won’t understand. You will dig your own grave.

Libra: They will make you question both your identity and your sanity. In revenge, they will become a mirror and reflect every single insecurity you have back at you in full detail. You won’t recognize yourself as they play out their plan.

Scorpio: Scorpio becomes an entirely different person as they plan out their revenge. They will adapt and transform to steal your strength and everything you love, as they make you adapt and transform to get weaker each passing hour.

Sagittarius: They don’t even have to plan their revenge in detail. They will follow their will and observe the way karma works and in the blink of an eye they will have the whole universe and it’s divine power in their palms.

Capricorn: Capricorn, like Gemini, won’t bother getting vengeance often. So if they do, they will devote themselves to their plan. The agony they have in store for you may even haunt you until your last breath.

Aquarius: They will push all the right buttons silently. Their intelligence is one of a kind and they know how the human mind works splendidly. They will leave you clueless for the meantime, and when they reveal their deed, It will be far too late. Lightning bolts will hit your nerves undercover.

Pisces: They will not let you leave their sight until you pay the price necessary for the thing you have done. They will make you dream of the vast ocean and seven seas but in the end they will shatter all your dreams by pointing at the fisherman’s hook.

*Check Sun and Pluto

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Aquarius – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope…

Aquarius – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope plus #Astrology ! 

Favorite things about the signs


Aries– Your voice, I love hearing your sweet tone and your soft words.

Taurus– Your sense of adventure, whether it be a spontaneous hike or getting bagels at 2 am

Gemini– Your spirit, I love being around you. You make me feel whole.

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The Signs When Caught In A Lie

Aries: They’ll go MIA so they don’t have to be put in the position to answer anymore of your questions.

Taurus: Every time they tell you what happened they’ll use the exact same words because those are the words they rehearsed in their head before talking to you.

Gemini: They’ll look you directly in the eyes and blink less than usual to overcompensate. They’ll also attempt to joke about the situation to throw you off balance.

Cancer: They’ll stutter over whatever they’re trying to say and start naming all of the things you’ve done in the past to take the focus off of them.

Leo: They’ll make you feel crazy for ever trying to doubt them.

Virgo: They’ll start trying to nitpick at the little things that you did to make you seem like the bad person instead of them.

Libra: They’ll switch topics whenever you try to talk about the issue. They’ll avoid you until you stop questioning them.

Scorpio: They’ll get overly defensive and start trying to make you seem like the crazy one.

Sagittarius: They’ll try to cover all of their bases and then try to have other people back up their story.

Capricorn: They’ll add extra details that don’t need to be there to make their story seem more believable.

Aquarius: They’ll avoid giving you any direct answers until you eventually say fuck it and move on.

Pisces: Their gestures won’t match what they’re saying and may take long pauses before answering any of your questions.

Why you fall in love with the signs

Aries: the way that they persevere through everything. They keep a straight face and keep chugging along. They’re always the strong one you can lean on in rough situations, they teach you how to be a warrior.

Taurus: they have the softest heart and the purest intentions. All they want is for you to be happy and they never stop showing you the most intimate parts of their soul.

Gemini: they can talk about anything. They can understand almost any situation that you’re going through. It’s easy to feel like they’re your best friend and your soulmate all in one.

Cancer: they never stop showing you what you mean to them. They make it obvious how much you matter to them and how much they need you and want you. They know how to ‘wow’ you time and time again.

Leo: they make you understand everything a little bit better. They have such an amazing view of the world and they have endless thoughts to go with it.. they make you discover yourself.

Virgo: they have an unwavering loyalty. They always have your back and they’re verrrrry protective. With them, it feels like you’re taking on the world together.

Libra: they will do anything for you, all that matters to them is that you’re happy. They put themselves on the back burner and try to make you feel special every single day. Their love is addicting and authentic and something you don’t come across more than once.

Scorpio: they give you a passion you haven’t felt before. They want you so badly and they’ll make it obvious. They have a passion for the world as well, and they’ll pass it along to you.

Sagittarius: they have a way of teaching you to be… well, you. Their way of standing up for themselves and being who they are 100% of the time is mesmerizing. They have an energy nobody else can give you.

Capricorn: they’re sure of what they want. And that means, they’re sure about you. It’s easy to fall in love with them, because they give you stability and safety. They have ambition and drive, and charisma to get them there. They let you be independent but promise to come home at night.

Aquarius: they have the “let go” kind of attitude. They have a very comfortable aura to them. They also put you in touch with your inner child and there’s no stopping the silly part of you that comes out when you’re around them.

Pisces: they have more experience than anyone. They have more advice than anyone. Nobody will listen to you like a Pisces will. Nobody will want to actually understand you like them, either.

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