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Sis I hope you’re having a bomb ass sleepover. Here’s the tea, I’m a scorp-sun and venus and every fucking guy I’ve ever went out with/dated I’ve broken up with/dropped cause they’re so fucking boring (nickname: heartless bitch, the usual), the only two I’ve actually liked were an aquarius-sun (bitch was a handful) and currently it’s a sCoRPiO guy and he has me doing summersaults wtf is this? 🤢 Feeli-🤮? What’s your take on the scorp-scorp tea cause we know it’s a lot.

dude I love me the scorp scorp for Sex reasons but honestly don’t know how viable that is outside of that lmao. scorp venus is hard sometimes that’s me too and we expect a lot and love a lot and duuuuuuuuuuuuude. is hard sometimes. I honestly think scorp scorp can be wonderful but it depends on the rest of the chart. it’s honestly a somersault for all involved but if y’all can work it out it’ll be great

side note I love me some aquarius love the handfuls hahaha


I’m not ignoring you if I haven’t answered an ask yet I’m just drunk off my ass watching ghost adventures and yelling about lord byron so I’ll get to y’all later 🖤 if anyone wants to send any new asks, we can continue the sleepover all weekend

original post is here if you want ideas for sleepover asks! shall continue them through monday night probably

Ghosts are just scorpios fucking with people

Hope it is still sleepover Friday! How do you see scorpio sun + gemini rising combo? People often mischaracterize me bc gemini is such a powerful first image but a bit misleading w the scorpio aspect. Also, live your tumblr’s excellent observations about scorpio, 10/10.

it is! i don’t fucking sleep lol

that can be such a charismatic combination honestly, very good at not just drawing people in but keeping them interested. might be some of those “talk a lot but never say anything” types because gemini loves to talk but scorpio loves keeping secrets, so at first when people meet you they might be picking up on a more social, talkative aspect of you and then they realise that you’re definitely not an open book. I feel like this can cause “whiplash” for everyone involved: people are surprised at the secretive nature you exhibit because their original impression didn’t include that but then you also might feel uncomfortable if people are expecting more out of you than you’re willing to give

I’m entirely biased but I love strong scorpio/gemini combos in charts (im scorpio sun gemini moon). others can chime in but I just find it a fun combo

Does anyone else get like… very Scorpio horoscopes from Co–Star?

cradles or freak by sub urban or stay and decay by unlike pluto

will def check these out haven’t heard them before!