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Cancer – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope plus #Astrology ! 

Cancer – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope plus #Astrology ! 

Aries: Their passion is being out down, and people shoot down their ideas.

Taurus: When they bottle up their feelings for too long and accidentally explode on someone that they love.

Gemini: People put them down and hurt them for invalid reasons (such as just being a Gemini).

Cancer: They realize that they’ve been living in the past for too long.

Leo: Being forgotten by people they care about.

Virgo: They fell like they have failed someone or something.

Libra: They try so hard at love and get nothing in return.

Scorpio: They have no control over their life.

Sagittarius: Being trapped by someone and trying to leave, but being held by everything they are.

Capricorn: They feel dumb or misjudged. People think of them as the boring sign.

Aquarius: They feel like they have no real talents and can’t change the world.

Pisces: Their dreams aren’t becoming a reality.

Use Sun, Moon, and/or Rising.

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Aries: will always prove themselves right in whatever argument you put them up against

Capricorn: rarely expresses anger but when they do all hell breaks loose

Taurus: will drop obvious hints that they are irritated and will explode when pushed to the absolute limit

Gemini: screams, shouts, and uses a lot of sarcasm

Cancer: first they are passive aggressive, then they start crying, and finally they are physically fighting out the anger

Leo: starts cussing and saying things out of spite even though they don’t really mean it

Libra: tries to be above anger and shadows their true emotions. There charming personality doesn’t complement with anger

Scorpio: can be brutal with words and will make you regret ever disappointing them

Sagittarius: will cut you -both in social media and in real life- off without saying a word

Aquarius: takes alot to get them mad and will usually ignore the source that is bothering them but if pushed an aquarius will lose their temper

Pisces: can become violent and lashout on themselves. Afterword need time to heal and recoup

Virgo: gives the silent treatment and will bring up old shit and recall every detail

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Aries: Tries so hard to conceal their emotions, yet sometimes they have to let it out. You can tell when an Aries is happy; they radiate warmth and wear a large grin, however, when an Aries is sad, they emit a tense aura and sport slightly watery eyes. They tend to snap when angry, but they often regret their harsh words. They feel lost in their feelings as they don’t know how to express them, and so have random outbursts. Tell them that you’re there for them.

Taurus: Often happy, and hides their emotions rather well. Extremely good at keeping secrets, which can ultimately be their downfall. They crave someone to love them deeply, as they want the feeling of acceptance so greatly. Taurus’ can become rather jealous, but hide this with a cold attitude instead. They will become snarky when provoked, which often leads them to get into trouble. They can express everything but sadness.

Gemini: Wears their heart on their sleeve. Geminis aren’t afraid to cry in front of others, and so they like to live rather carefree lives, as they don’t suffer “bottling-up-emotions-syndrome”. They love to laugh, but sometimes feel as if they lack a sense of identity, and often push themselves too hard to a point where it becomes unhealthy. Do not abandon them.

Cancer: Does not mind showing emotion, however, this does not mean they are overly-emotional, which is a common misconception amongst Cancers. They are bubbly, energetic, and exhume positive emotions. When they are sad, it only lasts a few moments before they can continue on with their day. This makes them extremely strong, as they don’t let themselves get consumed by their feelings. Make them giggle.

Leo: Has a healthy mind, meaning they have an equal ratio of positive emotions to negative emotions. They are almost always seen with a cheeky smile on their face, and are very empathetic. However, in rare circumstances, Leos may get bewildered and bombarded with negative thoughts, which can severely affect not only their mental health, but their physical health as well. Help a Leo by pampering them.

Virgo: Restrict themselves. They come across as cold and rude, but really they’re just scared of showing their true selves, as they may have been hurt in the past. Once they do show their true selves, they become far more open about their feelings and their mind, allowing them to become healthier in the long run. They need a stable support.

Libra: Very emotional, and get hurt easily. One of the most sensitive signs, and are extremely self-conscious of this fact. They experience conflicting emotions on a daily basis, and have terrible mood swings that affect their confidence. They really need someone to vent to, as they can’t quite understand some of the feelings they experience. Treat this sign with kind words.

Scorpio: Hardly ever gets emotional, just passive aggressive or contempt. They dislike over-emotional contact and dislike being pitied. If a Scorpio does get upset, it means that something truly awful has happened, and that their pain should not be dealt with lightly. They need to have their thoughts occupied with happy feelings. This sign should be fed positivity, but don’t make that positivity sickly sweet.

Sagittarius: Are quite self-conscious, similar to Libra. They are ambiverts, and do not actively seek out attention, but rather let it come to them. They long the sense of belonging, and being ostracised is a big fear of theirs. They go through spells of feeling depressed to feeling ecstatic; don’t think of them as drama queens because of this. Give them the mental support they need and feed them kinds words of encouragement.

Capricorn: Capricorns appear to lack emotion, but their minds are swarmed with feelings. They can think themselves into pain, and they suffer a great deal of hurt. However, they try not to let their inner thoughts affect others, and tend not to cry in public very often. If a Capricorn does cry, it is because they have reached their mental limit. Give this sign a hug and tell them that it’s ok to not be ok.

Aquarius: This sign is very emotional, and are over thinkers. They are insecure in their mind, and can often read into things that aren’t even there. They deeply want love and acceptance, and a afraid of failure. They live a fairly unbalanced emotional life, with their feelings hitting extreme highs and extreme lows. Let them feel secure and let them know there is nothing to worry about.

Pisces: Don’t really feel much emotion, even though their faces are animated. They live a carefree life, and don’t let anger or sadness drag them down. They occasionally feel a short burst of emotion, but it usually does not fester in their thoughts. All in all, their mental wellbeing is healthy, but the few Pisces who aren’t healthy suffer greatly. Give them short but sweet praise.

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A little bit of predictive astrology (even though I have stated I am skeptical of it) your Moon Sign can actually describe your bond with your mom and what your mother is like.

Aries Moon: Might possibly have a closer relationship with your father than mother. Relationship with mom has a connection to creating a strong individuality. Fights with mother could have been frequent when young. Associated with having an outgoing mother, possible inconsistencies with discipline, a mother that pushed assertiveness. Bond with mother can strengthen with mutual respect and admiration and recognition for who each person really is.

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Cancer – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope plus #Astrology ! 

Aries: you’re not always gonna be number one because life’s unfair okay!!!! you attention seeking bitches

Taurus: you’re not always right you gotta be more flexible you stubborn hoes

Gemini: you need to shut the fuck up sometimes like please sit down

Cancer: you gotta talk about how you feel more like people can’t read minds!!! if you’re upset then say it!!!! you bitches have to open up more

Leo: stop thinking you’re superior to everyone else. There’s a difference between cocky and confident omg

Virgo: you guys are so quick to judge like don’t judge a book by its cover!!!! Let people live their lives smh

Libra: just because your surroundings are doing it doesn’t mean you should!!! stop trying to fit in!! Life isn’t about pleasing others, my god. Work on pleasing YOURSELF

Scorpio: Not everything can go your way, life is unfair bitch!!!! You guys need to work on getting use to authority.

Sagittarius: There’s a thin line between being honest and being rude. Sometimes you guys say things that are like!!!! wtf!!!!!! You can be honest without being a total asshole.

Capricorn: Life may be shitty sometimes but that doesn’t mean it always will be you pessimistic bitches!!! You guys always look for the bad in everything. Breathe!! Be positive!!! Everything will be okay

Aquarius: You guys are so careless when it comes to your surroundings like yes we get it it’s your life you can say and do whatever the heck you want, but other people have feelings too????

Pisces: You guys expect way too much from yourselves and others like not everyone is perfect???? like?????

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•ARIES: They love a good warrior prince/princess and, as weird as it may sound, they won’t be with you unless you prove them that you can handle a little bit of anger hotness. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will want to fight you, but they’re clearly down for some fiery discussions that will reveal your level of patience, independence and intelligence. They want a full package, not less and from their point of view, a strong partner should want that too so girls, guys, keep your standards high and make them clear with an Aries because it’s a HUGE turn-on for them to know that you hold a power of your own.

•TAURUS: If persistence was labeled as a fetish, these guys would have it all the way. For them, a persistent person is viewed as loyal and stubborn, with their feet on the ground and eyes on the prize. They, as people, are this way and when they are hunting down partners, they will be searching for the person that embodies what they want to be or what they already are. They want to receive what they are giving because there’s never a worse thing than wearing your heart on your sleeve for someone who couldn’t care less.

•GEMINI: You probably guessed it by now but these people are drawn to intellect and personality more than anything else. They are drawn in by interesting people who are honest and original and aren’t afraid to be different. They think that the more damaged you are, the more interesting you are and their HUGE curious minds aren’t afraid to dive into your mystery. Geminis want people who can stand out from the crowd without doing anything at all, they are strong belivers that “it’s all in the eyes, baby”.

•CANCER: What would be better than finding a person with a pure heart, a person that you know they love you with all their being? That’s right, nothing is better than finding that one person who gets you, who loves you and never ever gets bored of your mood swigs, your ups and your downs. Cancers want these kind of people in their lives more than anything in the world. Even if they might not show it, or if they deny their strong desire for true and deep love, trust me, all they need is to feel like somebody cares about them. Like one person in a million actually puts them first, above anything else. They find that precious so, if you find yourself falling for a Cancer, don’t hide away your feelings for them. Make it clear. Tell them how much they mean to you.

•LEO: Diamonds, money, clothes. Save them for someone else. These people aren’t interested in your material things as they know they’re just a matter of time until they’re gone. It’s true, they love a beautiful and meaningful gift but what truly lures them in is power. The kind of power that shows through your confidence, words, actions, dreams and opinions. They are looking for a person who’s driven by a passion so crazy that it may seem as if nothing can stop then from chasing what they want to achieve. And trust me, they wouldn’t mind if their love and attention would be a goal on this person’s list hehe.

•VIRGO: It’s all fun and games until you bump into these people. Virgos are strong and intimidating people, who know they’re worth and aren’t afraid of adding tax. Still, behind their cold front and extremely high standards, there lies a powerful need for commitment. That’s why they often put their loved ones through tests and mind tricks. They want to know your limits, they want to see if you’re still there for them tomorrow. Just like Aries, they want to know the value of their loved one. They want to see how you go through the hard times because sometimes, this reveals how true the love between two individuals is.

•LIBRA: It is often said that these people are ALWAYS in love with someone or something. They’re labeled as the Venus of the Zodiac. And it’s not really a lie, after all. But, as much as they love life and what it has to offer, they still have hidden desires and hopes from their partners, such as the power of understanding one another and ability to not judge someone. Them, as people, are quite sensitive and they KNOW they make a lot of mistakes on a daily basis. People judge them more often than you may think and they know it. They want to connect with someone on a deeper and more meaningful level than just physical love or superficial, mundane love. They thrive for a divine mental connection. After all, they’re air signs for a reason.

•SCORPIO: I’m just going to be straight forward when it comes to this specific zodiac sign. They want someone crazy. Someone driven by passion. Someone who can lose their mind with when they come in contact. Brutal love that somehow might seem damaging to the world but, behind closed doors, it’s the antidote they need in order to heal. They want someone who doesn’t care about the opinion of others. Someone with back bone and a lot of mystery. Someone who opens up to them and them only. They want loyalty, power, and a love so pure and true that’s never going to run cold. Ever.

•SAGITTARIUS: Being something they can’t forget is your best solution. Now, you may wonder: Okay but how do I do this? Simple. Be yourself. These are people who value honesty and truth (it’s a fire thing) and whatever is strictly original and honest is going to bloom a feeling of respect inside them. You don’t have to match with their quircky interests and nor do you have to share the exact same mentality as them, as long as you embrace your true self and love yourself first above anything else, they’re going to appreciate and love you just like they love themsleves. Your vibes influence their vibes so pay attention to what you’re putting out there, my friend.

•CAPRICORN: If you’re a rebel without a cause I would suggest you work on that hot temper of yours and lower your ego at least a little bit because Capricorns are born to lead, control and command. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to transform yourself into their puppy or servant. It just means that they are searching for someone who respects and accepts their way of being, which sometimes might be a little too stubborn. They want to be with someone strong that is going to be on their side, whether they agree with them or not. Supporting them and being there for them even through their hardest times is the type of relation they value the most.

•AQUARIUS: Honestly, you can be whatever you want to be as long as you respect them and show them that you care about their beliefs and opinions. They love well-educated people because they give off a superior and intelectually mature vibe which is DEFINITELY their cup of tea. Put away any fake remark and show them that you’re strong enough to handle the truth. Aquarius people are very confident whether they know it or not and they easily fall for people who are able to show off their passion towards the world, without any trace of regret. Being raw and real while still keeping a balance between arrogance and honesty, love and hate, is what they are searching for as they are tired of fake people and fake relationships. Do this and there’s a chance you’ll make them fall in love and TRUST ME, an Aquarius in love is everything you’ve ever wished for. I promise.

•PISCES: They daydream about the day they’ll live a real-life fantasy along with the love of their life, fighting against anything that tries to tear them apart. And even though they are perfectly aware of the fact that fantasy remains fantasy, they still need a partner that allows them to dream and who even dreams with them. They need someone who can be soft enough to love them and yet strong enough to bring them back to reality whenever it’s the case. Being open-minded and caring, generous and a peace maker is going to get you on their good list, for sure.

I’m not really sure if this EXACTLY what you’re looking for in a partner and that’s why I would suggest you to check your Venus sign as well as your Mars as they might influence this specific branch of astrology. THANK U ❤️

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Aries: Why do you always pretend to not care when deep down you’re shattering? Why do you always play this “insensitive b*tch” game especially with those you claim to care about? Breaking their hearts with your hot & cold actions. Why is caring such a bad thing for you? Do you think that coldness and aloofness is not going to break your heart too, eventually?

Taurus: How can you always forgive those who made you suffer so very deeply? Those who made you feel pathetic, not worthy enough, stupid and ordinary. How many times do you have to fall and tangle yourself in the web of their lies just because you’re afraid of being lonely? Afraid of not being liked. How many past mistakes does it take you in order to finally note down the lessons?

Gemini: Why do you always allow your feelings to mix up with your life choices, seeming as if you change your mind 10 times per minute? Why are you, deep down, so afraid that you’re going to end up alone and sad if you give up on toxic people? On people that don’t deserve you. How can someone so confident and bold be fooled this easily?

Cancer: Why do you always feel the need to fit in, to blend in with all these boring ass people and their stupid standards of beauty, intellect or humor. Why can’t you take a deep breath and just accept yourself, without feeling this powerful need to be liked by everyone. Without trying to be their kind of cool. Be your kind of cool. Can you do that?

Leo: Can you actually stop wanting to be right about everything all the time? Can you actually accept the fact that you do mistakes too, just like everyone else? Can you just sit down and finally admit that you’re suffering? That deep down you know you’re wrong and that shatters all your confidence? You’re not alone. And certainly not ridiculous for feeling down.

Virgo: Why do you stress so much over so little? Why do you always feel this enormous need to have control over everything? Perhaps you have self issues, a desire so strong for perfectionism that you just can’t accept life as it is sometimes. But do you think that stressing over building the perfect kingdom is going to make you happy? Do you actually think that power is going to last forever? Do you think that stressing is living? That perfect means happy? Just go with the f*cking flow and learn to embrace imperfection for God’s sake!!!

Libra: Does acting all nice and sweet actually make you a good person? Do you, for real, think that if you bathe people in compliments they’ll like you just like that? Is this what you do in order to gain people on your side in case one day you’ll fall and don’t want to be lonely? My dear, acting sweet isn’t going to get you through all the pain life has to offer. Learn to say no, learn to move on, learn to be lonely. Or perhaps you don’t want to? Maybe you’re too scared.

Scorpio: Does watching from a distance feel good? When all you want to do is just f*cking go for it? When you just feel the need to aproach that one person and talk, tell them everything you’re feeling, with no shame. Does it feel good to watch them being happy without you, just because you’re too proud of yourself to just admit that you’re not as perfect as you think? Do you actually think that you’re stronger than everyone else when, in reality, you run away from everything that makes you feel unsure of yourself? From everything that doesn’t fit into the imaginary patterns you drew all your life?

Sagittarius: Do you think people can’t actually see through your bullsh*t? That they can’t figure out when you’re truly happy and glowy and when you fake all the smiles and nice comments? You’re an honest person, most of the time. But that mind of yours, those feeling that you don’t pay much attention to, they eventually show. And when they show, all I want to know is: are you prepared to be alone? Misunderstood? Or do you expect all those people you kept second guessing to still stick around you?

Capricorn: Are you aware of your own rudeness when you start showing off that huge ego you’ve got? Are you that insecure that you can’t afford people judging you? Why do you constantly feel the need to put yourself into a light that only makes you perfect, showing people that you’re better than them? Why are you afraid to admit that you’re confused too. That you don’t know the answer to all the questions or problems. Why do you need to constantly approve yourself through the eyes of society?

Aquarius: How can you wake up every day, knowing how many terrible things stain your hands, without feeling any trace of regret? How can you, so suddenly and abruptly, throw away all your emotions when you feel threatened by others? Do you actually think you can run away forever from your own demons? From those emotions you tear away from your heart and pretend you have never felt them? Do you actually think that, in this way, people are going to stop hating? Stop trying to bing you down? Well, my dear, no. This world is f*cking cruel and I guess so are you.

Pisces: Does the “cool” etiquette feels good to posses? Does being two-faced, mean and trashy feels good? I gues it does, at least after you gain a statutus of popularity. After you’ve got yourself a bunch of people you can call friends, but secretly hate on. Why are you doing all of these things? What are you trying to prove? That you’re lovable? Kind? Sweet? My dear friend, you don’t have to shove this in everyone’s faces. You only have to feel it deep down. You don’t need lots of likes and lots of friends to prove yourself. Or do you?

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