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The Signs & Cute Traits

Aries: aries secretly loves romantic movies, they daydream about having their own family and will always laugh at things that are inappropriate

Taurus: taurus spends hours choosing an outfit, sings in the shower and secretly likes school

Gemini: geminis laughs at their own jokes, practising kissing on their hand and loves fast food restaurants

Cancer: cancers still gets excited about christmas, stays up late watching horror movies and adores animals

Leo: leos takes 3928329 selfies and deletes them all, are always getting snacks late at night and secretly want to settle down with someone

Virgo: virgos have a laugh that makes you laugh, they are really passionate about certain tv shows and will always dance around their room listening to music loudly

Libra: libras love to bake, will spend hours doodling and drawing even if they’re not artistically talented and are always thinking about kissing someone

Scorpio: scorpios like to buy things for other people, spend ages doing their hair and love to make others laugh

Sagittarius: sagittarius will open doors for everyone, save pictures of places around the world they want to visit and are great huggers

Capricorn: capricorns make tons of music playlists, love spending time with family and talk in their sleep

Aquarius: aquarius is great with kids, is always laughing out loud at funny internet videos and

Pisces: pisces is passionate about movies, is soooo protective with the people they truly care about and is always drinking tea

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the signs as warmth

Aries : the burning of your tires as you go 95 mph in a school zone

Taurus : a melting ice cone dropped on the pavement on a sunny day in July

Gemini : the red radiating from your cheeks after you said something embarrassing

Cancer : a blanket fresh from the dryer in a new home, ready for new memories to add to the old

Leo : the flush of pride after beating someone after a difficult game that left you as victor

Virgo : setting all the notes you took in class at the end of the year on fire

Libra : the sweat on the back of your neck when you’ve been dancing for hours

Scorpio : a shot of tequila burning your throat in a dark, crowded room

Sagittarius : the heat of a blush that comes from being caught in a lie

Capricorn :  the kiss of someone you don’t love but who makes you come alive

Aquarius : piping hot liquid dropped on your crotch while driving to work

Pisces : the fierce unending hug of someone who loves you

SOURCE: pentaclesandspectacles

Squad x Squad

Cancer – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope p…

Cancer – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope plus #Astrology ! 

How to ask the signs out;


aries: be careful with what you say. they’re sensitive and are likely to misunderstand something you say and feel awkward. they most likely will want to negotiate things.

taurus: let them talk about everything, and say how much you care. They need to make sure you care about them and know how difficult they can be at times. They want a serious relationship, with someone they can trust with their issues.

gemini: just be straight up. They find it really difficult to make decisions for themselves, so you telling them you love them will really make up their mind.

cancer: make sure you aren’t too forward. They’re SUPER sensitive and can determine something you said wrong and never speak to you again.

leo: be cute and flirtatious. They’re really sweet people who love the feeling of being appreciated just for being alive. warm fuzzy words will make their hearts melt.

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The Horoscope App

The Horoscope App

If Cancer were a thing, they would be the home, a shelter from the storm.

Cancer – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope p…

Cancer – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope plus #Astrology ! 

Signs Reaction to “I don’t  like you”

Aries: pffft I never liked you either anyways

Taurus: OK…??

Gemini: Lovely!

Cancer: I don’t Like me either

Leo: Aww you’re in denial, how cute

Virgo: Cool

Libra: FANS!!

Scorpio: Get in line Imfao

Sagittarius: Wait.. what?!

Capricorn: And that affects me how…??

Aquarius: Oh really?!

Pisces: Hahahaha! Okay I guess

The signs and their overused/ most common phra…

Aries: “Baby girl”

Taurus: “Same”

Gemini: “Tired af”

Cancer: “I know right”

Leo: “I need to stop procrastinating”

Virgo: “Oh my God”

Libra: “Why you do that”

Scorpio: “Rude”

Sagittarius: “That’s not funny”

Capricorn: “I want that”

Aquarius: “Please shut up”

Pisces: “I don’t know”

Zodiac descriptions based on people I know

Aries: Stubborn. Very independent, glamorous, makes everyone jealous. Kind of reserved when it comes to feelings but values family. Headstrong and kind of stubborn. Simultaneously mature and childish.

Taurus: Reserved. Kind of dopey but in a good way. Enjoys life, pretty lenient up to a point – after that point they will take no shit. Confident and down to earth. Simultaneously aggressive and laid back.

Gemini: Emotional. Very social, especially with strangers, but gets tired of people sometimes. Impulsive, makes rushed choices, changes their mind a lot. Prone to up-and-down emotions. Simultaneously needy and detached.

Cancer: Protective. Very loving and forgiving. The best at making you feel safe and comfortable. Hides emotions from people they aren’t close to. Makes jokes about stuff that’s hard for them in order to get over it. Family oriented. Caring. Simultaneously loving and hot-headed.

Leo: Confident. Fashionable, funny, not a bad bone in their body. Makes close friends and lasting connections, is very good at keeping friendships. Understanding and non judgemental. Becomes annoyed quickly but is accepting anyway. Simultaneously forgiving and short-fused.

Virgo: Selfless. The best at advice, funny and understanding. Won’t usually take sides and is quickly protective of friends. Pretty reserved and finds humour in the little things. Close to family and over-involved but in a good way. Simultaneously level-headed and turbulent.

Libra: Defensive. Chilled out, loving, lighthearted. Quick to take sides and judgemental but overall friendly. Prone to lying. Usually happy but there’s more to them than they let on. Very loyal, easily manipulated, gullible and understanding. Simultaneously two-faced and open.

Scorpio: Fun-Loving. Excitable, gullible and sarcastic. Loves attention but won’t deliberately seek it. Kind of shy with their feelings, but opens up to close friends. Confident and funny, will always be smiling. Protective. Simultaneously arrogant and shy.

Sagittarius: Conflicted. Social butterfly, is very loud and a little bit ditzy. Knows where they stand on most things. Is always joking around but can be serious when they want to be. Calculated, makes impulsive decisions but thinks about them a lot afterwards. Emotional. Simultaneously jokey and serious.

Capricorn: Laid-Back. Confident, especially among friends. Could talk for England. Makes a lot of jokes and lasting connections, good at long-distance friendships. Kind of flighty and struggles to commit. Wings it a lot. Simultaneously careless and precise.

Aquarius: Adaptable. Very lovable, has at least 2 different circles of friends. Good at cheering people up, hard to hate. Needs to connect more emotionally, tends to be reserved when it comes to personal stuff. Good at maintaining relationships, rarely argues. Simultaneously goofy and mature.

Pisces: Ambitious. Has huge dreams but is hesitant to chase them. Under-appreciates themselves, loyal, good to talk to. Is the kind of person that you call/calls you at midnight just to talk about life. Finds it hard to focus, thinks deeply, is good at relationships. Tends to have a bit of a short fuse but is very forgiving. Simultaneously down-to-earth and dopey.