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Stuff the signs remind me of

Aries: baby laughter, waking up feeling completely fresh, soft souls

Taurus: stuffed animals you’ve had since a kid, your favorite pillow, beautiful flower fields

Gemini: indie music, extremely sunny days, soft thunderstorms

Cancer: goofy dancing, feeling butterflies in your stomach, warm colors

Leo: bonfires in beaches at night, piggy back rides, singing along to your favorite songs loudly

Virgo: reading a new book, finding secret hide-outs, witches

Libra: local bands in a small venue, stage diving, falling in love

Scorpio: dark magic, staying up late with friends, beautiful dresses

Sagittarius: biker boots, the color purple, Greek mythology

Capricorn: getting an A on a test you didn’t study for, wishful thinking, taking the backroads home

Aquarius: sleeping with someone platonically, fighting for what you believe in, Christmas lights hung up in a dark room

Pisces: an artist’s work station, making new friends, discovering new music

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Signs As Parents

Aries: plays like a kid, will raise children with good self-esteem, and can be strict.

Taurus: created an atmosphere of harmony at home, enjoys singing to their child, encourages child to have friends.

Gemini: encourages creative expression, sets high standards, and has a good sense of humor.

Cancer: is overprotective, enjoys playing with the kids, and will do anything to help.

Leo: allows children to make messes, expresses affection easily and often, and is liberal with discipline.

Virgo: encourages children to ask questions, gets upset by children’s untidiness, and does anything to help their children.

Libra: tries to be fair, may spoil their child, and stresses manners and good behavior.

Scorpio: is serious about rules, cares passionately about the family, and finds it hard to admit a mistake.

Sagittarius: always answers questions honestly, has faith in children, and exposes children to diversity.

Capricorn: teaches respect and responsibility, is strict with rules but fair as well, and has a straight-faced sense of humor.

Aquarius: is prepared to discuss any problem, encourages independence of thought, and is energetic and intelligent.

Pisces: encourages the creativity of children, listens with understanding, and may forgive rather than discipline.

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Signs as Little Kids

(Most likely) (based on my experience) (may do a gifset later)

Aries: solves problems with violence, yells a lot, “I HAVE TO BE FIRST” mentality, protective of family

Taurus: easily offended, compassionate, not good at sharing, lies easily

Gemini: curious (sometimes dangerously so), loud, doesn’t learn lessons easily, easily entertained by new things

Cancer: artistic, wants to be the center of attention, cries a lot, gives strangers hugs

Leo: makes up fun games, whines when they can’t be “the best” character in that game, pouts a lot, usually gets their way because they’re cute despite being annoying af

Virgo: likes being in charge, passionate about everything, competitive, super sweet to their friends

Libra: automatically blames someone else for everything because they fear being yelled at, cry when they get in trouble instead of getting mad, pouts SO MUCH, “house” is their favorite game and they always have to be the teenager

Scorpio: HAS to be in charge, loves playing fantasy games, likes playing pranks, the silent treatment is their best defense

Sagittarius: literally never runs out of energy, would rather die than do chores, loves playing in the dirt, addicted to video games

Capricorn: tries to boss their parents around, likes to learn new things, finds good ways to make money, adventurous

Aquarius: doesn’t know when to be quiet, pull so many pranks, class clown, takes dares VERY seriously

Pisces: artistic, cries easily, mumbles when angry, hates sharing but also hates playing alone (this gets very messy)

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The Signs In Kindergarten

Aries: Stealing crayons and giving them to Cancer and Pisces

Taurus: Napping well past nap time, clutching an animal cracker in their little fist

Gemini: Gets mad at the teacher and tells her to go do herself in the bathroom because she’s ugly

Cancer: Kisses Aries as a thank you for the crayons and shares their animal crackers with them

Leo: Doing a dance performance in front of the class for no reason

Virgo: Sulking in the corner, because no one wanted to play house with them

Libra: Drawing on their jeans with a marker to make a new fashion trend

Scorpio: Drawing on Taurus’s face while they’re asleep

Sagittarius: Egging Gemini on and trying to instigate more

Capricorn: Trying to actually learn something

Aquarius: Has an “accident” and cries

Pisces: Using the crayons Aries gave them to draw a pretty picture of a unicorn

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Signs as College Kids

Aries: the one with an internship with the UN in freshman year

Taurus: the one who forgets to change their sheets all year

Gemini: the frat guy/sorority girl

Cancer: the one who has the same S.O. from freshman year

Leo: the one you never really see

Virgo: the one always in their dorm room either studying or on Netflix

Libra: the one always at some kind of practice/rehearsal

Scorpio: the one who is always awake

Sagittarius: the one that never studies but still aces the class

Capricorn: the one that lives in the library

Aquarius: the one that is always down to do anything and usually comes home at 7 AM

Pisces: the one who cries every night when calling/facetiming home

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Cancer – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope p…

Cancer – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope plus #Astrology ! 

The signs in hell


Aries: Blends in so well with the demons that they get a case of mistaken identity and end up working there

Taurus: Their torture is that they’re never allowed to sleep and are forever stuck in a loud, sweaty nightclub

Gemini: Befriends the demons, hears all the gossip and uses this information to blackmail Satan

Cancer: They’re forced to live through a never-ending cringe compilation of their most awkward moments on Earth

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Cancer – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope p…

Cancer – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope plus #Astrology ! 

The Signs As Favorite Twenty One Pilots Lyrics…


Aries: “No one looks up anymore cause you might get a raindrop in your eye and heaven forbid they see you cry” – March to the Sea

Taurus: “While you’re doing fine there’s some people and I who are having a really rough time getting through this life so excuse us while we sing to the sky” – Screen

Gemini: “Shaking hands with the dark parts of my thoughts, no” – Doubt

Cancer: “I know what you think in the morning when the sun shines on the ground and shows what you have done, and you swear to your parents that it will never happen again I know, i know oh oh, what that means, I know oh oh oh oh” – Guns for hands

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The signs as hilarious quotes by kids at my da…

Aries: “My mom’s gonna spank you!”

Taurus: “My mom says if I don’t have any teeth I can only eat ice cream. I LOVE ice cream!”

Gemini: “You can’t come to my house cause my mom doesn’t have a car seat big enough for you.”

Cancer: “I love everybody, even black people! We’re all the same!”

Leo: “What if I got flushed down the toilet? I would die. You don’t want me to die, right?

Virgo: “My mom’s gonna be here soon, and I’m gonna be like ‘AAAAAAH, MOM!!!!!’”

Libra: “Teacher? I’m gonna marry you. Girls can marry girls!”

Scorpio: *holding baby doll* “I’m gonna put it in the oven and eat it.”

Sagittarius: “I’m gonna be an opera singer, but only after I get fired. I’m gonna be a zoo doctor first.

Capricorn: “Did you know that when people are old, they don’t have any teeth? They go *smack smack smack* and it FREAKS ME OUT!”

Pisces: “Teacher! Juan called me ‘my nigga.’”

Aquarius: “Do you wanna come to my house and swim in my pool and sleep in my mickey mouse bed?”