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An Aquarius looked dumbfounded as he sees her standing there with her friends. He didn’t expect her to show up, and after months of not seeing each other, he missed her. He grabbed a drink from one of his friends and slowly makes his way to her. She sees him and she slowly gave him a small smile and turned to face him.. maybe they can work it out somehow again.

An Aries held on tightly onto his girl’s hand and looked at her, pleading to make this all work out for the both of them. She began to apologize and tried to pry her hand off his grip. He looked at her and back at their hands and slowly let her hand go.. she apologized and told him that there was no way that she can come and love him. Not right now at least.. false hopes could make really do damage, you know.

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Aries: Because why should I deal with annoying ass people.

Taurus: Because I could just eat lmao.

Gemini: Because I could stalk my crush.. I mean scroll through my social medias.

Cancer: Because my bed is just inviting me into it.

Leo: Because Youtube.

Virgo: Because I need to catch up on my celeb news.

Libra: Because I want to take a nice long bubble bath.

Scorpio: Because.. wait what social life.

Sagittarius: Because I could just talk to my friends from my bedroom in my PJ’s.

Capricorn: I could but Netflix.

Aquarius: Because sleep.

Pisces: Because I forgot to text back.


Aries: Being so far down your dashboard and finding a post you really like but accidentally pressing the wrong key on your keyboard which refreshes your page and you lose all motivation to find it again

Taurus: The instant contempt you feel for any uncultured peasant asking you what tumblr is

Gemini: Not ever being satisfied with your theme

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The strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.

You complain about others not listening,but you have a bad habit of holding on to things longer than you should:

You complain that you can’t find anyone who understands you,but you sometimes have a habit of sending mixed signals:

aries: getting a compliment from someone you look up to or admire / the frustration of not being able to explain your thoughts for others to understand

taurus: taking a warm shower at the end of a tiring day / not having the courage to do something you really want to do

gemini: laughing super hard on a fun night out with your friends / barely missing a goal you set for yourself

cancer: the comfort of hugging someone who means a lot to you / missing an opportunity to see someone you were looking forward to seeing

leo: being greeted or smiled at by your crush / being too tired to finish something you need to get done

virgo: the rush of reading the climax of a good book / feeling like you’re not quite good enough

libra: having a good time at a party or social gathering you were somewhat reluctant to attend / regretting a poor decision

scorpio: receiving affection from a significant other or someone you’re attracted to / when the fear of rejection holds you back from approaching someone

sagittarius: the feeling of being out late at night adventuring / feeling too exhausted to live life fully

capricorn: when hard work turns into a successful accomplishment / lacking motivation

aquarius: when someone you’ve been missing makes plans with you / feeling lonely and bored

pisces: making someone you care about laugh or smile when they need it most / not receiving the affection or attention you desire

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Aries: Someone to calm them down; to be the ice to their fire.

Taurus: Someone who will bring them out of their shell; bring them on adventures.

Gemini: Someone who’s sensitive and will make them think twice about what they say.

Cancer: Someone who will bring stability; someone who will reassure them that they’ll always be there.

Leo: Someone who can remind them that they aren’t always right and that sometimes other people have to shine.

Virgo: Someone to bring them out of their heads; things aren’t always so complex

Libra: Someone to respect them and take them seriously; make them know their opinions are valued

Scorpio: Someone to understand them; someone whom they can trust and tell anything to.

Sagittarius: Someone to have fun with but also who can settle them down from their rebel ways.

Capricorn: Someone goofy that can cheer them up; someone fun and care free.

Aquarius: Someone to let them know when they’re being too stubborn; to stop them from overreacting.

Pisces: Someone who is willing to help them not be so sensitive; remind them how great they are.

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Aries: When you fall in love with someone over and over again.

Taurus: When you get to hold someone’s hand for the first time or receiving a really tight and warm hug.

Gemini: When you laugh so hard that your stomach begins to hurt, but you continue to laugh because of the amount of joy it brings you.

Cancer: Seeing a baby or small child smile at you or hearing the laughter of a baby.

Leo: When you unexpectedly have an amazing day and it leaves a permanent smile for the rest of the day.

Virgo: When you’re listening to certain music that makes you feel calm and gives you chills that causes your hair to stand up.

Libra: Having a strong interest in something and perusing it.

Scorpio: When you release all the emotions you’ve been repressing and you finally get an sense of relief.

Sagittarius: Going on adventures with your friends and having the time of your life. 

Capricorn: When you watch a movie with a deep meaning and it gives you a different outlook on life.

Aquarius: Sitting down in a crowded area and watching people going on with their lives and wondering “who they are” and “what is their story”.

Pisces: Being alive.

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