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Aries: When it comes to starting new relationships, friendships, and spending money do your homework and be aware of all the process and cons of the decisions you’re making.

Taurus: As patient as you can be at times, don’t wait for things to happen. You have to know when to take charge because your life shouldn’t have to depend on anything other than what you deserve.

Gemini: You get tired of always trying to be the one to fix things because the other person refuses to speak up. You’d rather discuss the issue once and then be done with it.

Cancer: Lately your savage and wild temperament ways will shock this who thought they could test you and get away with it.

Leo: You’re planting the seeds of your own success and you know with the territory there comes jealousy, that’s why you like to surround yourself with the right kind of people.

Virgo: With you it’s simple, there’s no excuses. Either you can do the job or you can’t. Whenever you help someone you like to remind yourself that you were in their position once.

Libra: No one will do things for you the way you would do them for yourself so follow your dreams first. If your heart and mind aren’t aligned that should be telling you something.

Scorpio: Through all the drama you’ve learned a Loy about yourself and have gained confidence from knowing that you can weather any storm.

Sagittarius: You know better than most the dependency on others only increases the risk of being let down. If you want something you’ll go out and get it yourself.

Capricorn: your safety zone isn’t where the greatest growth and fulfillment happens so you have to learn how to move out of that zone to seek better opportunities. You could end up somewhere better than expected.

Aquarius: Be willing to make some compromises, then stick with the commitments you finally make. Lately you’ve been your own worst enemy, unconsciously sabotaging your best efforts.

Pisces: Rather than being tough on yourself for not measuring up know that you tried your hardest, the right person will love you for you.

How to get the signs to like you


Aries: be sweet and personable. make them feel welcome, and allow them to express themselves. do not ignore them when they need to talk to someone.

Taurus: be open and caring. give them comfort and a sense of security. do not betray their trust, ever…for your own good.

Gemini: be outgoing and energetic. try to cheer them up when they need, and be optimistic towards them. do not try to one-up them when they’re proud of something they’ve done.

Cancer: be thoughtful and sympathetic. listen to them when they need to vent to someone. do not insult them, especially behind their back, because they will find out.

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– warmth from each sign

Read for Sun/Moon/Venus

Aries: People like being around them, around their aura, around their being, because they are known to be passionate and exude passion, honor, there is fight in them, also they are bright beings and are shown to be very kind around people who deserve it, their innocence is present up till a moment they learn about this world, their naivety continues but they start using their intuition and instincts more to protect themselves. If you enter an Aries heart, they will do absolute anything for you and you can always rely and count on them.

Taurus: Filled with love and do not have a problem expressing and showing how dedicated they are towards their loved ones. With a Taurus beside your side, you will never feel lonely, unloved, you will even get bonus attention and bonus treats.

Gemini: Even though they are focused on the workings of their brain and communication (Mercury) they are actually dreamers. They love the unknown and are always ready for an adventure, you will never feel bored around them, you will always capture little moments that make you think life is worth living, also you will not be afraid to be a bit silly just as they can be. Geminis are always ready to discover something new but also uncover something new about themselves.

Cancer: They are always there for you and know exactly what to do to make you feel better. They really care for and take care of their loved ones. Regardless of you needing a shoulder to cry on, a friend, a listener, someone to celebrate your successes with, a Cancer will always be there by your side. They are a mother figure, so prepare to hear the truth from their perspective and them bringing you down to earth if necessary to show you to the right direction, even though a water sign and emotional, sensitive they have a feisty side where they can point out things.

Leo: A radiant, warm personality everyone wants a piece of. You should really value your friendship with them, they will always encourage you, support you, be giving and fight for you if necessary. Their golden heart is as big as they get.

Virgo: Always ready to help and sacrifice their time, sacrifice things for the people they love. If you have a Virgo by your side, you have a counselor, a critic, a friend, a right hand (and basically Google), you will also be fulfilled after spending time with them, they know your happy points and can get that side out quickly.

Libra: They love feeling at peace, they love being the mediator and keeping the balance. They will do a lot of things for the people they love, just so they can be happy and Libras enjoy that happiness alongside them. They can go out of their way for a lot of things, sacrificial, a listener, a soft-hearted best friend everyone wants.

Scorpio: Focused, intense, motivated also their passion is something to be touched from, something that inspires and they will try to inspire you and motivate you, to be the best version of yourself as you can be, to compete with yourself. They are extremely dedicated friends and loyal friends, once they achieve intimacy with people their whole world is whole.

Sagittarius: A challenger, a friend that will challenge you to think out of your zone, them questioning everything will infect you to do the same. They will teach you a lot, but will also be ready to learn a lot from you, they will follow your footsteps. Also they are adventurers, free-spirits, honest beings that will give you a great time, lots of laughter and humor. They really know how to enjoy life and they would like to share that with you. They are the optimistic point of life you go to when your world crashes for a moment.

Capricorn: Ambitious and hard-workers, loyal, dedicated, a pillar we all rely on. People with the best advice, best humor and someone who really wants you to succeed and will be behind each party, but also behind each sadness to console you. People who will challenge you in order for you to find pieces of yourself and never be lost, even if you are they will guide you. A friend with whom you can create little traditions, also inside jokes, something just between the two of you.

Aquarius: They will inspire you, they will be there for you, they will always be giving. They will be the string that keeps the group of friends together, they really try around their friends. Someone with whom you can talk about everything and anything and never be bored. Exploring together and achieving causes for the better of society, huge things I know but what can an Aquarius not do? They think of everything and will take you along the ride, because they are so friend-oriented they are stronger with you by their side, but you are too. A rare gem to always protect.

Pisces: The friend that will always understand beyond all understandings, the friend that will literally feel your pain, but feel your happiness and joy x 10. Really sensitive, creative and imaginative, they will make you look at things differently and really remind you why you are human, why you are on this very Earth, they will make you question about your mission. But they will always try to prove how grateful they are for meeting you, for having you. They will cherish you, they will be your support system forever.

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Air, Water, Earth, Fire

Air Signs (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra) need to figure out why they always have to sabotage a good thing.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) need to figure out why they always have to fake it till they make it.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) need to figure out why they always have a need to call everyone else out on their shit,but when the same energy is returned it’s such a problem.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) need to figure out why they continue to rush into things without having a contingency plan.

Affirmations for the Zodiac Signs! 💗😄👍🏻


“Because I love myself so much, I have no need to tear others down. I use my pride to lift others up, so that they can experience the same self-love that I have for myself. There is no need for competition, because my beauty and divinity is never threatened by the beauty and divinity of others.”


“My body is a holy vessel. No matter what I put it through, no matter how mad I get at it, and no matter what other people say about it, it will always keep loving me. My body believes in me so much that every single cell is working 24/7 just to keep me alive.”


“My mind is beautiful. I am able to understand and accept both the good and the bad in myself and others. I am wise. Even when the world give me pain, I choose to give out joy.”


“I am the creator of my own home. Even in the coldest of times, I can look inside myself to keep me warm. I build my home whenever and wherever I need it. I am always safe.”


“The light inside me never burns out. There is beautiful magic all around me. Everyday is a new chance for me to bring more light and magic into the world. My light is strong and powerful. My light is warm and kind. My kindness is what sparks magic.”


“I am at peace with both the bad and the good. Nothing can upset my inner calm. Because my soul is already perfect, there is no need to hate and criticize myself. I am doing the best I can, and that is enough.”


“I am strong. I do not fear what other people say or do. I do not fear arguments and fights. I do not fear hate. I have so much strength within myself. I am a peaceful fighter for good. My words and actions breed love, and love always triumphs over hate.”


“I trust my instinct, but I do not judge. I only bring people of love into my life. It is okay to want to be alone sometimes. It is also okay to open up to people sometimes too. I feel comfortable with who I am. I feel comfortable with sharing myself to others when I feel that is what I need. My body knows what I need.”


“I am full of knowledge. I am full of hope. My knowledge is what gives me hope. No matter what happens and wherever I go, I will always be surrounded by love. My words are wrapped in knowledge. I speak words of love and hope.”


“I am beautiful. I deserve to feel loved. I deserve to be held. I deserve to enjoy life. I am gentle and kind to myself. I treat myself with the same kindness that I give to others I love. I deserve to love myself.”


“I allow myself to grow and bloom. Like a flower, I am able to flow and adapt to my environment. There is no need for me to be stubborn, because stubbornness comes from a place of insecurity. I feel secure in my thoughts and wisdom. My roots are strong and buried deep into the ground. I feel secure in who I am right now and in the flower I will become.”


“I allow myself to feel. I allow myself to cry when I am upset. For it is my tears that spark and begin my healing process. Being able to feel so deeply allows me to heal myself and others. I recycle my sadness into love. No emotion is useless if I know how to use it to my benefit and to the benefit of other.”

(These are separated by sign, but feel free to use any that you feel you need!!)

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