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ARIES: Strength to endure a certain activity like no one else can. It is not because you’re stable, it’s because of your courage and how much energy you have. 

TAURUS: Patience is your most powerful trait. You could wait a long time to finally get what you want, especially if it’s worth waiting for.

GEMINI: Blindside people. They know that they’re supposed to be mad at you but you somehow change the subject or use your “charm” to make them forget and move on. 

CANCER: When it comes to feeling needed, you make others feel that for you. It’s because of how attentive you are to feelings and concerns. Once you help someone, they come back for more because you make them feel special.

LEO: Making people have two different feelings about you at the same time. They like you but they also don’t like you and this is what makes them stick around. It’s almost like a puzzle, almost everyone wants to figure you out. 

VIRGO: Observation and detail. You excel at pointing out different angles and prespectives that most wouldn’t of begun to think about. 

LIBRA: The ability to make any environment comfortable and relaxed. Whoever is around you will feel like they can be themselves and you accept it.  

SCORPIO: I don’t know what it is but you don’t have to do anything and at least one person will somehow be drawn to you and want to be a long term partner or friend.  

SAGITTARIUS: Make anyone smile or to lift the spirits of someone because of how forward and enjoyable you are. 

CAPRICORN: Working is your fuel so you always progress in whatever field or job you take on and it doesn’t take long to do that. 

AQUARIUS: Capability to motivate others to care and/or debate about a certain subject, even if it’s small or random, because of how much you talk about it and because of how deep and convincing you can be.

PISCES: Somehow without saying much you can get others to talk about their personal lives and open up easily which in turn makes them like you.

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The Signs as Moms


Aries: the competitive mom who would put you in every sport/ competition and would want you to win all. But if you don’t, she’ll comfort you and buy you amazing pizza

Taurus: the stay at home mom. She wants to make sure that you are protected at all times so she’ll stay at home and watch you

Gemini: the mom who everyone knows. This mom is usually coordinating events, president of the neighborhood watch and PTA president at your school.

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Types of romantic love between the signs

(based on my experience + sorry i couldn’t include all)

*check venus/venus, sun/sun, sun/moon, moon/moon & maybe rising/rising 🙂

aries + leo: fiery love // lots of happy vibes, 100% suggest studying together because will literally turn it into something so fun, a lot of pda, you think they’re best friends when you first look at them

aries + gemini: silly love // LOTS OF PUNS AND INSIDE JOKES, always laughing together, adventures adventures adventures, they literally slay everyone and like as long as they are in the same room you will never ever feel sad nor lonely, will make you fall in love with their love

aries + virgo: kids in love // they might be so old or might have stayed for a billion years together but you will still see the same look in their eyes whenever they look at each other, will insult each other in a silly way out of love

taurus + scorpio: physical love // lots of touching, possessiveness, pda pda pda, will make you feel lonely and want to love and be loved

taurus + aquarius: on & off love // one second they hate each other then the other they can’t live without one another, you will never expect that they fell in love with each other

gemini + libra: social butterflies // everyone talks about them, prom king/queen & king/queen, secretly gossip about everyone together

gemini + virgo: intelligent love // can talk about everything anytime, never-ending chats, will be scientists together, really cool to be around them, very chill when they’re together

cancer + leo: intense but very fun love // SO MUCH inside jokes, will make you feel like a huge third-whealer, always laughing at unfunny things, might fight sometimes but will eventually make it up

cancer + pisces: dependable love // either so comfortable and calm or so nervous with each other, can’t live without each other, so much emotions, make each other strong and happy even in the worst times, literally will make you go ‘awwwwww’ because of how they act with each other

leo + aquarius: best friends love // flirting 24/7 with each other, none of them can admit how they feel, jealousy jealousy jealousyyyyyyyyy, very touchy, act like a couple and joke about kissing and being in a relationship a lot

leo + sagittarius: fun love // make people feel alive with their love, a little possessive with each other, sex jokes 24/7, break the rules together, both take life as a huge adventure that they enjoy living by the other’s side

leo + capricorn: world leaders // will make ALL the money and have very successful lives together, rule everything and the best at doing everything especially together, have smart humor that no one understands but them

virgo + capricorn: mature love // make gREAT parents, both are so responsible for the other’s happiness and health, HIDDEN FEELINGS, they need to live with each other right now okay????

virgo + aquarius: einstein children // they will invent so many stuff together, creativity + smartness, both have similar feelings and similar views on stuff, really understand each other

libra + leo: pragmatic love // will help each other so much through thicks and thins, very honest with each other, will improve each other’s personality so much

libra + pisces: innocent love // feel safe with each other, call each other really cute and weird names, laughs at things that you might never find funny, pure and innocent with each other

scorpio + capricorn: prideful love // only shows love through actions and think words are overrated, hold so much secrets, you never expected them to be in love

capricorn + pisces: beauty and the beast // capricorn telling dirty jokes 24/7 and pisces being uncomfortable with that and telling them to stop ALL THE TIME, very very selfless with each other, will act like kids with each other no matter how old they are

aquarius + capricorn: careful love // very very gentle and soft with each other, can’t help but stare at each other, make each other feel like home a lot, MIRROR EACH OTHER A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aquarius + sagittarius: weirdos // very similar to each other, laughing 24/7 together, independent and not so clingy with each other, sharing their hopeless dreams with each other, you never waste time with these two they literally make you laugh so much it physically hurts, can be freely weird with each other

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Your strengths!

Aries: you bring the good vibes

Taurus: You are so f*ckin loyal! We luhhhh you!

Gemini: You can talk, and be friends with everyone!

Cancer: You care even for people you barely know! And that’s so damn important

Leo: You have the ability to bring the party anywhere even in negative situations.

Virgo: You are always taking care of everyone. You are just that person.

Libra: The fact that you always stay neutral for them most part, and always are weighing your options makes you friendly. We gotta keep you around!

Scorpio: You are the person that stays in people’s lives for many moons. Which makes you like a ride or die type! You da bomb!

Sagittarius: you show your love, and don’t just say it. Your actions are everything.

Capricorn: You are the father of the zodiac so you are always taking care of the world.

Aquarius: You have that get along with the world thing going on, and you can always make everyone laugh somehow!

Pisces: Hello person who believes in everyone, and stay the same! We luhhh you so much!

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Say You

Aries: Care when someone’s crying even if you dont know what to do

Taurus: Don’t want them, and why, before you walk away

Gemini: Are sad when you’re feeling down. Let someone hold you

Cancer: Know you’re right when you are. Don’t let self doubt consume you

Leo: Are sorry when you did something wrong. Don’t let pride overtake you

Virgo. Want someone to love you when you’re isolated. Someone IS there for you

Libra: Are wrong when you are. Don’t constantly blame others for actions that are partially are wholly yours

Scorpio: Want to solve your problems. Don’t let anger affect your relationship

Sagittarius: Are busy instead of running off, hurting others, or you’ll have no one at the end

Capricorn: Don’t like someone when you don’t. Don’t be scared of confrontation. Stand up for yourself

Aquarius: Wanna sleep when you’ve been working too hard. Don’t kill yourself honey

Pisces: Are mad when you are. Don’t bottle up your feelings. People are dumb, people are selfish, let yourself be too sometimes

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The signs as stages of falling in love


Aries: stage 9, confession – admitting to the person that you fallen completely head-over-heels for them.

Taurus: stage 1, initial attraction – recognizing that, for whatever reason, you would potentially like to be with this person.

Gemini: stage 3, friendship – establishing friendly relations with the person in hopes of getting to know them better.

Cancer: stage 10, comfort – feeling completely at ease with the person; being able to tell them anything/do anything with them.

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Zodiac signs as type of BOYFRIENDS:


ARIES: The strong, independent, masculine and adventurous type. Can become overprotective and irritated but as soon as you prove your love and loyalty to him, there won’t be any trouble. LOVES to explore new places and try out new things and avoids at all costs boring situations.

TAURUS: Dependable, romantic, loyal and patient. Low-key boyfriend material. He might be stubborn from time to time but if you know how to calm him down and show him that it’s better to work as a team and not as rivals, he will loosen up. He’ll never want to hurt you.

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The signs as stages of falling in love

Aries: stage 9, confession – admitting to the person that you fallen completely head-over-heels for them.

Taurus: stage 1, initial attraction – recognizing that, for whatever reason, you would potentially like to be with this person.

Gemini: stage 3, friendship – establishing friendly relations with the person in hopes of getting to know them better.

Cancer: stage 10, comfort – feeling completely at ease with the person; being able to tell them anything/do anything with them.

Leo: stage 4, envy – wishing that it was you that was spending the most time with this person.

Virgo: stage 11, planning – looking ahead to the future with this person.

Libra: stage 12, bliss – complete, utter, and total happiness shared by the both of us.

Scorpio: stage 7, lust – becoming even more physically attracted to the person in hopes of getting them in bed

Sagittarius: stage 6, bravery – owning up to the fact that you are falling deeper and deeper for the person at hand.

Capricorn: stage 2, investigation – finding out more about the person to evaluate whether they’d be right for you.

Aquarius: stage 8, hope – being convinced that there is a chance for you and waiting for the right time to take a shot.

Pisces: stage 5, embarrassment – being flustered around the person, trying to avoid them because you know they make you nervous.

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Things That Remind Me of The Signs:


Aries: Getting into a fight because someone flirted with their partner, bloody fists, generals, warriors, soliders, battle scars, the chaos in a natural disaster, the burning fire inside when you have passion, being a puppeteer, running away, confronting someone, skipping school and going on an amazing adventure.

Taurus: Camouflage clothing, hunting for game, indulging in food and sleep, buffets, dogs, Venus, loving someone deeply, jeans, bear hugs, being the overall “man”.

Gemini: Talking way too much, random storytelling, Vines, comedians, rom-coms, comedy in any book ever, especially PJO, gossip, loud bursts of happiness, fire, light, hugs, extroverts, ENFPs, talking your ear off, a happy puppy, a mask, and a flamethrower.

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What the venus signs look for in a crush

aries venus: someone who is true. playful debate. respect. someone who is solid and strong. going on adventures. sharing interests.

taurus venus: comfort and simple romance. giving gifts. movie marathons. someone who is there for them. being heard. lots of alone time with their crush. depth.

gemini venus: lots of talking. someone who gets their train of thought. good conversation. picking each other’s brains. charm and confidence. opening up, surprisingly.

cancer venus: consistency. being accepting. someone who inspires them and helps see life in a more beautiful way. someone who is DTC (down to commit).

leo venus: someone who shows signs of loyalty to them. being able to call someone in the middle of the night and having them pick up just to chat. someone special to them that also makes them feel special.

virgo venus: someone who respects them. someone kinda quirky but is perfect to them. lots of fun. interpersonally adventurous, spontaneity within the relationship. someone who gets their references.

libra venus: just looking at someone unique and beautiful even from a distance. something about them is different from others and they can’t explain why. body language and tone of voice. maybe a little reserved and/or from space.

scorpio venus: someone who is different from them becomes interesting. when they can’t tell the whole story behind someone and the mystique draws them in.
sagittarius venus:lighthearted fun. interesting and creative ideas being shared. no pressure to be or do anything they don’t want to. being inspired.

capricorn venus: someone who shares interests. can have real discussions but also share memes. someone who wants to hang around even during the worst moments. feeling confident in conversation.

aquarius venus: someone who can introduce things to them. someone to take their ideas seriously. lots of jokes and lightheartedness. nothing to bring them down.

pisces venus: listening to each other. small gestures to express appreciation. expressing through words. music sharing. sentimentality.

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