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Affirmations for the Signs


Aries placements: you can freely express yourself, know yourself, and be assured in your capabilities without forcing yourself to bend over backwards to prove yourself and your strength.

Taurus placements: you can appreciate the beauty in everything without placing too much value in THINGS. Realize that things are temporary and will tie you down and limit you. Let go of your security blanket from time to time so you can experience things that will stick with you forever.

Gemini placements: deepen your knowledge and understanding rather than just touching on subjects and then moving on right after. Wisdom doesn’t come from an unwillingness to stick to one thing for too long. Continue learning and experiencing, but take time to dig deeper.

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Gemini – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope p…

Gemini – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope plus #Astrology ! 

Your Eleventh House:

*On your birth chart, your 11th house represents friends (it’s referred to as “the house of friendships”) it’s also linked to professional relationships and how we interact with people (ruled by Saturn & Uranus)*

*Check your sun & moon’s description too!*

Aries: If your eleventh house is in Aries, you try your best to get on the good side of the people you see daily. You want them to like you, you don’t need them to but you do like the positive attention. You’re generally the leader/planner of your friend groups and people find you very admirable. You have a big, bold personality that attracts people to you, making you a person who has several friends, but trusts few of them.

Taurus: With your eleventh house in Taurus, you are a very comforting friend and colleague. But you can be timid at times leading people to not know whether to talk to you or leave you alone. Once you get comfortable around someone, you can be an incredible friend, though. You give good advice and people usually look at you to listen to them because you can be too kind to say no. You’re a sweet person but you’re not afraid to defend yourself or someone else if needed.

Gemini: Gemini in eleventh house intels that you’re always down for new, fun plans but you can easily change your mind about them. You like to joke on your friends and generally can’t be around people that have no sense of humor. This doesn’t mean you’re not a good friend though, you can be very reliable and in a work environment people most likely consider you a motivator for how hardworking you are. You’re naturally fun but you’re mood can change depending on the people your around.

Cancer: You can be a very warm and accepting friend. You defend the people you care about or think deserve it and people easily trust you. Depending on other placements in the work place you can be either very shy or very funny and talkative, nonetheless people always seem to admire you. You’re a giving person and can be very logical with your decision making. People rely on you for emotional support a lot.

Leo: Most people want to be your friend because of the energy you give off. They look at you as someone hardworking and motivated even on your worst days. Unfortunately you’re best qualities make some people envy you but you don’t care. You can be a very loyal friend unless they cross too many lines and you don’t like cutting people out of your life unless you feel it’s absolutely necessary. People really enjoy you’re company because you can make anything fun.

Virgo: A lot of people look at you for inspiration because you have extremely high self control and you’re a good planner. This meaning you involuntarily attract people who lead a messy lifestyle. You’re friends always look to you for advice and logical thinking. You’re not as emotionally supportive as other people might be, but you can be very motivational because you know how to get through to people. In a work place, you’re most likely the person that gets asked a lot of questions.

Libra: With your eleventh house in Libra you’re probably a person with a lot of friends, most of them you probably barely speak to unless you want to go out and have fun. But with the friends you consider close, you can be extremely supportive to them and in an argument you’re good at looking at the other side of things. The people you work around probably enjoy your company because you’re good at minding your business and making sure people are comfortable. You have a calm exterior but an intriguing personality making people easily drawn to you.

Scorpio: Eleventh house in Scorpio means that you’re the type of person that even if you don’t talk to someone for months or years, you’ll still be a loyal friend to them. You don’t believe in cutting people off if they haven’t given you a reason, you can be very understanding. People like being friends with you because you’re real, you tell it how it is whilst being their shoulder to cry on. You don’t let the people you care about give up. In a work environment you’re most likely the boss or expert in your department, and a lot of people rely on you.

Sagittarius: You’re an extremely caring friend and you love to help people as best as you can. You bring more fun and adventure into your friends lives and they always look to you for a good laugh. You’re great company because you never let a moment get boring and you’re quick with new ideas. You most likely work with a lot of people who tend to ask you for a lot because of how smart and kind you are. You seem to make friends everywhere you go.

Capricorn: You’re the type of friend that ends up taking care of everything. Plans?? You pick the times, Suprise party?? You’ve already got most of the supplies, Friend needs advice?? You pick up as soon as they call. You’re a reliable friend and you always end up taking care of the people around you. You often hide it but have the biggest heart for the people in your life and you like being around them as often as you can. In a work place your colleagues can either be your best friend or your worst enemy due to jealousy.

Aquarius: You ALWAYS have your friends back, at times you can keep to yourself but if you overhear someone badmouthing you’re friend you’ll defend them in some way. You can also be very sweet and nurturing when you want to be, you’re one of those people that everyone should want on their team-you’re resourceful, informative, and you know how to distract people when they’re going through bad times. Not matter how many people you work around, you try to get on their good side because you don’t like the idea of being hated.

Pisces: Even though you have a fun spirit, you can actually be the parent of your group at times. It may not seem like it, but with you’re heart being so big you always do things for your friends that may seem like you’re trying to take care of them. And if you have an old soul sometimes you’ll end up saying things that come out as if you’re a gaurdian of your friends. You care so much and that makes it easy for people to trust you. You’re a sweet and understanding person who probably works in a place where you’re helping or entertaining people.

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How To Tell if the Zodiac Signs Like You


They’re gentle with you, they listen to you and don’t interrupt, they’re protective and nice, yet still do stupid shit just do impress you.


They’ll always pick you, they listen and have deep conversation with you, they share everything they’ve learned with you, and get jealous over you.


They laugh at your jokes, follow you around, let the attention be on you instead of them, try to make you laugh, and are very touchy-feely.


They’ll try to get your attention a lot, message you often, write you notes and draw you little doodles, and talk to you whenever they possibly can.


They’ll laugh with you a lot, want to hear your stories, let the attention of them for extended amounts of time, send you songs and memes.


They’ll text first, ask you to hang out, tell you you’re smart, reassure you, send you stupid photos, open up about themselves, have easy going conversations.


They’ll introduce you to their friends, make sure you know you’re special (but will NOT come right out and say it), feel the way you feel.


They’ll walk with you everywhere, tell you funny stories and send you memes, share everything with you, become jealous over you, tell you you’re special.


They won’t correct you as much, they’ll play your music in the car, they’ll share their interests with you and seem genuinely interested in yours.


They’ll tell their friends about you, act very cool in front of you (or at least try to), show you things that made them laugh, talk about political and deep things.


They’ll share their emotions with you, send you cool art, want to see you often, ask you about your life, make sure you know they care about you.


They’ll laugh at your jokes, show off for you, take cool pictures with you, text you constantly, send you photos of their animals, want to always be with you.

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how to seduce the signs –

It’s all for fun, but there’s some truth too.

-Read for Sun/Mars-

Aries:  They find people who know what they want so attractive, also people who are not afraid to reach out and get that. But remember, if it is a person always give hints, comments, or other indicators that they are that person if you want to get their attention. Also, remember honesty is key with Mars in Aries. So if you are having a connection, do not tell them untrue things, they will sense it, If you are yourself that will also be noted. They will be disappointed if they find out you were potraying yourself in false light. They like a dominant energy, it is very attractive it drives them crazy, someone sure.

Taurus: These are people who are not afraid of taking their time with their attraction, with their connection. So maybe even starting as friends would be lovely. Let them discover how lovely you are, through the foundation you are building as friends first, also through all the long and honest conversations you are having. They love communicating and getting to know all parts of you. Also show them your dedication and devotion to your friendship first and then how ready you are for something romantic. Also making them laugh is a huge plus, it will be a beautiful distraction from all the things going through their minds.

Gemini: These curious humans love discovering new and interesting things about their crushes/partners. Organize something unexpected you’ve never done before, or somewhere you haven’t been yet (it could even be a place that will become your special place later on). Explore that place, explore yourselves together, so when the date is over they will go home and think about you constantly.

Cancer: They really value touching, physically and emotionally. Even stealing that touch would be okay if it is soft, it will mean so much to them. Let them know you are interested in them, without putting a burden on them. Do not drive their sensitive side crazy with unnecessary movements or pours of emotions. Go slowly. Patience, just like Taurus, is the key to winning them over, live all the phases with them fully.

Leo: When it comes to Leos, you will need to show so much effort to get their attention. Lots of warmth and bonding helps, or just being spontaneous and kissing them ( by this I mean being very direct in expressing your feelings and following your intuition). That helps a lot too.

Virgo: They can be a bit more complicated – super loyal, but it is in their nature to over-anaylze things, which can make things a bit more difficult. That is why, the way to their heart is you being completely and unapologetically yourself. Take them for coffee, have a true, honest conversation and show them your magnetic nature – but, without exaggaration. They are constantly active and they notice all small details, so give your full effort and make sure your honesty and qualities come to the surface. If they like you back, they will attach themselves quickly and things will go into the right direction.

Libra: Inviting them with friends would be a huge plus here. They like enjoying themselves around new people. If you are fun and friendly yourself, but you carry something special and unique and you are practical, they will definitely get interested. And do not forget to buy them something they like, that will impress them.

Scorpio: Look at them straight in the eyes. Be honest. They are really passionate beings and honest themselves, so they will immediately take action if they are interested, they will also let you know if there is a vibe, a connection between you two. But, be careful they can get a bit jealous. So when you are flirting, always re-assure them they are the only one.

Sagittarius: Plan a date with all the things they enjoy and love. Whatever you are doing, make sure you are enjoying each other, laughing, but also talking about things that they find important and interesting, do not be afraid to tell your point of views they are always ready to listen and learn, but they are also ready to teach. Once they realize they are fully enjoying their time with you, they will never let you go.

Capricorn: Responsible and serious, so plan a date including their interests and yours too, something you haven’t done before so they can clear their head and really enjoy your time. Show them you know what they like, but also show them you know what YOU want. Show your dominance, be impressed by their charms, but charm them as well. That kind of connection definitely peaks their interest.

Aquarius: They are very open to hanging out. Enjoy each others’ company, they also like being friends and/or friendly with you first before getting romantic. Let them be amazed by your personality, also show them you can follow their steps, they are impressed when someone can keep up with them.  Try it, you’ll never know if you don’t.

Pisces: Filled with emotions, you have to show your dedication to them. Nothing fake, nothing false. Just show them who you are really, look them in the eyes, carry the conversation. Show them they can rely on you, because they are usually the pillar or the shoulder everyone cries on.

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the signs as art

aries: the art in anger. landing a solid punch on the jaw. the pounding of your heart against your chest. the color red.

taurus: the art in the earth. the smell of wet dirt. the feeling of grass between your toes. heavy boulders stacked like stone towers.

gemini: the art in the air. the sound of laughter carrying in the wind. the feeling of a warm breeze blowing through your hair. a deadly sharp frost.

cancer: the art in the sea. the salty breeze that blows through your hair. the fear of something swimming past your feet. being where all life began.

leo: the art in the wild. listening for strange noises coming from the forest. the smell of a wildfire in the cold. a lion’s roar as he escapes the clutches of a hunter.

virgo: the art in the trees. the smell of the pines in the fall. the perfect imperfection of the twisted branches and straight trunks. jumping in piles of colorful leaves.

libra: the art in falling in love. the feeling of deep longing in your chest. staying up late, wishing that they were in bed beside you. lighting lavender candles because the smell reminds you of them.

scorpio: the art in water. the blackness of a lake at night. the skipping of smooth stones on the surface. not knowing what lies beneath the waves.

sagittarius: the art in fire. seeing mountainous plumes of smoke on the horizon. a campfire illuminating secretive faces. knowing that there’s no escape from the flames.

capricorn: the art in the dark. listening for strange sounds in the dead of night. seeing faces in the trees at midnight. clutching a flashlight with white knuckles.

aquarius: the art in laughter. giggling after a first kiss. laughing through the pain, no matter how deep the wound. bending over, wheezing, silenced by joy.

pisces: the art in emotion. elation when your favorite band walks onstage. knowing your love is unrequited. laughing even though you feel like crying.


The signs aesthetics

(check your sun, moon, and rising)

Aries: bright red lipstick, combat boots, a night city lit by neon lights, wrestling with your friends, mona lisa’s smile, wondering if someone thinks about you, fairy lights, baseball bats, biting into a fresh apple, converse, doodling in class, stained glass windows, fields of daises, making snow angels

Taurus: forest fairies, strolling though an orange grove on a warm day, mossy rocks, singing into your hairbrush, wild horses, fluffy socks, fresh baked cookies, dark lipstick, orange sunsets, polaroids, soft bunnies, laughing so hard you cant breathe, placing succulents everywhere

Gemini: clouds, writing in the air with sparklers, fruit trees, stargazing with a best friend, minimalist art, carefully stepping around delicate flowers, old records, rainbows, watching people in a busy city, listening to music in the shower, iced lemonade, violets, getting lost in happy memories, typewriters

Cancer: a mediterranean breeze, peaches, holding you breath as long as you can, dangling your feet over a watery cliff, angels wings, shy smiles, fields of lavender, laughing at old photos, sunlight glistening off water, drinking tea and staring out a rainy window

Leo: diamond earrings, feeling the warmth of a bonfire, entertaining your friends and loved ones, bright early mornings, giving flowers to your favorite person, reading for hours, milkshakes, wondering how many places you’ll go, gold glitter, rollerblading, heart shaped sunglasses

Virgo: the london skyline, cheering for your friends, floral patterns, beautiful hair, riding a bike down an old brick street, finding the perfect candle, a peaceful yellow house on a hill, silk dresses flowing in the wind, watching the fog roll in off the sea, reading into the early hours of the morning, snuggling in an oversized sweater

Libra: pastel smoke bombs, picking sunflowers at dawn, falling in love with the moment every time your friends laugh, tea with milk and sugar, a cat basking in the suns rays, bubble baths, freeze dried roses, holographic paint, sleeping under a skylight, the babble of a coffee shop, collecting stickers to put on your laptop

Scorpio: a shadowy forest, setting off firecrackers at midnight, fluffy white cats, pink rain boots, falling asleep to the sound of a storm, wearing multiple bracelets, hiking with your buddies, knowing what people are thinking just by looking at them, a mysterious crystal ball, taking hot hour long showers, watching smoke rise

Sagittarius: wandering though the woods, wishing on shooting stars, tall evergreen trees poking though heavy fog, multicolored sunsets, hugging your best friend after not seeing them for awhile, paint stained hands, an old grand piano, fishing in a creek, kicking a rock down the road as you walk, a bouquet of tulips, large windows with drawn back curtains

Capricorn: sage, 80s blazers, being stuck after sitting in a leather seat for too long, roadmaps scattered around, staring in awe at someones eyes, tall gates on a graveyard, bird watching, waking up in a new city, walking through a greenhouse, the scent of old books, getting lost in your favorite music

Aquarius: jelly shoes, admiring a child’s wonder, looking though a thrift shop for hours, sitting on a sidewalk watching people as they go by, knit socks, collecting plastic shopping bags, house plants, wearing odd colors of nail polish, standing on a tall building and taking a deep breath, ivy crawling up a garden wall,

Pisces: daydreaming, walking though a field barefoot, closing your eyes and listening to the sound of a waterfall, clear puddles, chocolate milk, moonlight shimmering off the ocean, getting lost in a garden of flowers, a ships sails, sea foam, dandelions growing out of the sidewalk, crystals, betta fish

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(slightly) rude things i need to say to the si…


(((based off of people i deal with on a daily basis, this is JUST for fun pls don’t murder me)))

aries: acting like a hard ass is all fun & games until your emotions take over n make you have a random meltdown in public & you have to go back to convincing yourself & everyone else that ur a cute stone cold shit

taurus: please stop using that monotone ass voice & making corny jokes before i fall in love w you thanks

gemini: whatttttt are you so fickle for? stop it before you fuck around & put me on my meredith grey shit “PICK ME LOVE ME CHOOSE ME” god i wanna marry you

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Gemini – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope p…

Gemini – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope plus #Astrology !

What Kind of Love Do You Want?

Aries kind of love – the kind that sweeps you off your feet by the sheer speed of it, the kind that will transform nighttime from a time of sleep to a time of adventures, the kind that will leave you breathless from the aggressiveness, from the unabashed, unfiltered desire and passion it brings, the kind that feels like nobody can ever touch you two

Taurus kind of love – the kind of love full of sensuality, gifts, and romance; where touch is worship and devotion is daily, where you’ll never have to doubt your royalty for there is an unconditionally loyal knight at your feet, the kind of love that is so velvety and soft, like climbing into a king bed, lying on silk sheets in a warm robe, the kind of love that is classic and idolized

Gemini kind of love – the kind of love full of laughter and wit, the kind of laughter where tomorrow has no promise except for one another, where every part of you is matched by your partner, the kind of love with eyes staring at you in endless fascination, the kind of love where you create your very own languages of inside jokes and references; the love that will never suffocate you

Cancer kind of love – the kind of love that is coming home on a long day, the kind of love that’s nuzzling your face into your lovers neck, the kind that is so warm and forgiving and nurturing, the kind that will never turn you away, the kind that soothes all your ailments, that will answer your call at 3 in the morning, a love that you will be grateful your entire lifetime

Leo kind of love – the kind of love that brings the entire sun into your life, the kind of love that makes your heart more full than you could ever imagine that you want to weep from happiness, ‘you and me against the world’ and you believe it, the find-sticky-notes-everywhere kind of love, love that is so encompassing your grandchildren will pray for one of the same

Virgo kind of love – the kind of love of devotion to the tiniest details, the kind where they buy you the gift you mentioned offhandedly eight months ago, the kind of love that brings breakfast in bed without question, the kind that will memorize your favorite way to be stroked on the back, the kind of love that will know you down to the deepest layers of your self

Libra kind of love – the kind of love that they write about in romance novels, the kind of love you don’t think is true until it happens to you, the kind of love that has you dancing in their arms around your kitchen, designer kind of love – high quality, luxurious, and the envy of everyone else, a fair kind of love, interested in preserving harmony of your soul above all

Scorpio kind of love –  the kind of love that brings forth unconscious desires and fulfills them; love that has turned your world upside down since day one, love worth drowning for, worth all the pain in the world for a chance of tomorrow, love that will push you to do what you have never done for anyone else, and will never do again; love you can never escape

Sagittarius kind of love – the kind of love where you never have to be alone in your head again, the do some silly pose in front of the cameras of a rollercoaster kind of love, the kind of love where they would shoot down a star for you, the kind of love that must have some element of mystical, the kind of love that began when the stars were born and will last until they die

Capricorn kind of love – the kind of love that would build you a home with their own hands just so every single one of your dreams was fulfilled, the kind of love that will stand besides you through hell and brimstone, the kind of love that will promise you everything and give it all, the love that is so empowering that even if it ends you never forget how they uplifted you

Aquarius kind of love – the kind of love that makes you believe the entire cosmos can fit in a person, the kind of love where exploration never ends, the kind of love that will force you out of complacency, love that touches you so deeply their imprint lasts for thousands of reincarnations, the kind of love that has no pretenses, that will understand you again and again

Pisces kind of love – the kind of love that will make it impossible for anyone after to follow up, the kind of love that drowns you in honey and kisses, the kind of love you write poetry for and seal the paper with a kiss, love that must have been made by the gods themselves for nothing mortal could have made something so ethereal and encompassing

Source: tauralogy