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Zodiac Sign’s Road to Happiness


*Check Sun for basic happiness, Moon for inner happiness, MC for sense of purpose, and Rising sign for quick-fix happiness

Aries: Create something that you can be in charge of. Find leadership opportunities in work, community, or even at home. Establish your passions in life and devote your endless energy to fighting for those goals. Start new projects.

Taurus: Stability is important- search to establish a steady job, home, and relationships that are predictable. Use your 5 senses and try to fully enjoy the pleasures of the world. Save money/resources for comfort.

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The Signs Reacting To A Good Morning Text

Aries: Looks at it, turns their phone off, rolls over and goes back to sleep, responds three hours later with a hey

Taurus: Gets excited that someone thought of them the minute they woke up; takes an hour to think about what to say; ends up saying yeah it’s a great morning 🙂

Gemini: Rolls their eyes; eats; decides to be nice and say heyyy ten minutes later

Cancer: Wakes up the second the notification comes through; gets suuuuuuuuper happy; answers immediately with a good morning sweetie 🙂 how did you sleep?

Leo: Feels important; responds with a bunch of emojis; takes the morning on with even more confidence than they had when they woke up
Virgo: Is flattered; texts the person non stop all day, even at work/school when they get the opportunity

Libra: Smiles and starts flirting with the sender; sends a lot of 😉 and kissy faces
Scorpio: Claims the sender as their forever and stalks the person for the rest of their life

Sagittarius: Looks at it, grunts, gets ready, and never responds to the person because they got busy

Capricorn: Rolls their eyes, says what makes you think it’s a good morning, and never responds to the answer they get back

Aquarius: Is secretly excited; has an airhead moment when they think they respond because they said the answer in their head; actually puts the phone down without responding

Pisces: Gets super excited, then gets suspicious about why that particular person texted them so early; responds with a non committal hi

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The Zodiac Signs as Suzy Quotes


Taurus: If she knows we’re relying on her info, she’ll start asking for souls, Collin, and those are harder to harvest than Starchman Stars.

Gemini: Oh, hush. We’re not being paid to tell the truth.

Cancer: It’s proportional to our budget, buttlips. Shush up while I’m blackmailing you.

Leo: Hey! It’s Max! He’s got a lot of nerve, unknowingly appearing in my line of sight!

Virgo: Well, taking inventory, that leaves us wiiith a laundry list of garbled threats against state and local governments, six full minutes of maniacal laughter, and some extraneous twaddle about “special energy”.

Libra: Being with us is like being in all clubs, ‘cause we spy on everyone else.

Scorpio: A life without passion is like a fish without a bicycle in a parallel universe where fish ride bicycles.

Sagittarius: Max!! Can you contort in agony some more for me for the photo for the front page? For me?

Capricorn: Yeah, and I didn’t think advisers did anything besides, like, meekly protest when you blackmail their ham radio club for cool spy equipment.

Aquarius: OK, now let’s play the recording in reverse and see if we can pick up slash fabricate any hidden overtures to Voldemort or the devil.


Zodiac Signs and Intimacy Issues

Aries is determined to do things their own way. Because they take care of things so well on their own, they may shy away from letting others know just how much they need them.

Taurus is dedicated to keeping their commitments, which can cause them to stubbornly refuse change. They need to trust that change is good, and embrace it with open arms before love can flourish.

Gemini is a bit of a flirt, so they never stay put long enough to establish any deep-rooted ties. They do this because they fear that connecting with someone will allow that person to see their deeply hidden dark side.

Cancer wears their emotions on their sleeves, causing them to be revealed more often than they’d like. This often puts them at the mercy of others. Cancer’s key to successful relationships is to allow themselves to be vulnerable in these situations.

Leo loves being in charge, but also knows this can mean others keep their distance. Other people will sometimes let Leo run the show because they seem so capable. However, the true key to healthy relationships and intimacy is to share power.

Virgo is in a constant emotional state of unworthiness, which causes them to think that if they reveal their imperfections others will run away. However, other people know Virgo holds themselves to a rigorous standard and would rather they feel free of expectation.

Libra tends to sweep relationship issues under the rug, preferring harmony to discord and quiet compromise to communication. However, intimacy is about being genuine, not pretending that things are great when they aren’t.

Scorpio thrives on delving deeply into emotions. However, Scorpio can sometimes be so intense and blunt that they keep other people at a distance. They need to learn to trust that others can and will learn on their own.

Sagittarius is footloose and fancy-free. They will also fiercely guard that freedom, and can turn tail and run when someone gets too close. Their biggest obstacle to intimacy is seeing intimacy as a trap.

Capricorn desires to be seen as strong, which forces them to hide their vulnerabilities. While they’re always open to supporting others, they often find that there’s no one left to support them. They need to learn to let others past their defenses.

Aquarius prefers logic to feelings, which can lead others to seeing them as cold. While they have a brighter and quicker mind than most, they still haven’t figured out how to let others into their heart.

Pisces is so skilled at being everything that everyone else wants to see in them that they don’t know what they want for themselves. They need to take a step back from others and spend some time learning what they need from themselves.

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my personal experience with the signs describe…

aries: let’s forget who we are and dive in to the dark

taurus: nothing like the rain when you’re in outer space

gemini: two wrongs make it right

cancer: you’re the thing that i can’t quit

leo: salt on your skin is pulling me in

virgo: even mountains crumble into the sea

libra: fell fast, ended faster

scorpio: you’ve got a shot though

sagittarius: everybody’s got their demons

capricorn: i’m still running back to you

aquarius: the truth is spelt out in your eyes

pisces: maybe there’s nothing after midnight that could make you stay

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How To Befriend The Signs


Aries – try new things with them, go on adventures with them, don’t interfere with their space, let them be in control sometimes (but don’t let them go over the top), be daring, be enthusiastic

Taurus – go out to lunch with them, follow any advice they give you, talk to them about their interests, be understanding, NEVER cause drama

Gemini – always be open to random talks, tell them gossip, go out with them

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The Horoscope App

The Horoscope App

Leo’s are kings and queens. They rule with all their heart as steady as the sun rises and sets every day.

Zoidiakos The fall of a Kingdom. Episode 1: Le…

Zoidiakos The fall of a Kingdom. Episode 1: Leo

Leo – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope plus…

Leo – WTF #Zodiac #Signs Daily #Horoscope plus #Astrology !

Double life/Secret Family + Zodiac Signs


Scorpio and actually Aquarius have been labeled as most likely to do this but I’ve seen articles and astrologist make good arguments for other signs. 

Aries might be brave, risky, and confident enough to have a secret family but a double life overall, even if it doesn’t involve a second family could be revealed and not-so hidden due to how open they are.

Things like loyalty, routine, and especially security would make it quite uncharacteristic for a Taurus to have a secret life or secret family. I would point to something else in a chart for a Taurus engaging in this. Now leaving a family or lover for another is something else.

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