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Bad traits by sign.



Competitive: Aries is competitive.The stiffer the competition, the more determined and competitive they`ll become.This trait makes Aries an excellent sports competitor.However they’ll so becomes obsessed with winning instead of playing the game.In life, Aries can lose friends because of their competitive nature.

Sexual Promiscuity: Ariens are extraordinarily charismatic and seductive but their need to conquer and a ferocious sexual appetite are out of balance.

Impatience: Nothing frustrates an Aries more than someone who can`t keep up physically or mentally.

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Little Dirt on the Zodiac Signs

Because the world is not perfect, the zodiac signs ALWAYS have positive and negative traits, + you are not perfect.

Gemini can push others away due to shallowness, inconsistency, and some pick fights or start drama for entertainment.

Cancer can push others away by getting angry or upset from criticism, help, or when ordered to do something (by someone with the right to).

Leo can push others away due to their pride and arrogance.

Aries can push others away by not noticing other’s feelings.

Taurus can push others away by valuing the security someone gives, not the actual individual.

Virgo can push others away with their judgment/criticism.

Libra can push others away with overwhelming self-doubt, indifference, shallowness, or conceitedness.

Scorpio can push others away with self-isolation or anger + their famous love or hate intensity.

Sagittarius can push others away due to exaggeration, contentious behavior, or unreliable/untrustworthy acts (usually via inconsistency).

Capricorn can push others away by being authoritative or with cynicism.

Aquarius can push others away due to their natural detachment or with a controlling and argumentative behavior towards ideas and opinions.

Pisces can push others away by pushing their feelings too hard onto others or with guilt trips.

source: astrolovecosmos

Rising of the Zodiac Signs

Aries Risings gives the air of Independence. They may have fast, quick movements. They may take risks and be the doers. The first in line, type of ambition. May get scars from reckless adventures. Give the vibe of being brave, and standing up for themselves. True to who they are as a person, and genuine in what they want for themselves. Mars rulership gives them the passion for them to go out and achieve their desires.

Taurus Risings tends to be grounding. Venus gifts them with a natural taste for beauty, fashion, or admiration of the arts in relation to the body. Artistic with self in the world. May lean towards natural care or

 food products. May have an apparent appreciation for music or nature. Possible slow but mindful movements. Can be calming, and give off a “chill” vibe. Doey features, gaze and/or eyes that reflect the natural simplistic depth of the world.

Gemini Risings give off a bubbly vibe. They often have an awkwardly adorable charm. Can be considered ditzy. Can be talkative or a gossip, expressive with hands. May experiment with appearances, such as styles or hair color. May want to appear knowledgeable, or just be social. Mercury expands on the need to communicate, especially verbally. Wispy and hard to pin down.

Cancer Risings appears to be almost disconnected. Cancer is very guarded and can be withdrawn. Intuition is strong. Despite being guarded, they tend to be emotionally driven, however, their true intentions are known to few as they can be very private. The moon here gives them a moonlight glow in their presence, that’s subtle but noticeable. Soft features, often leaning feminine in mannerisms.

Leo Risings are the epitome of displaying loud and proud. They tend to be as large as life and light up the room. The sun ruler here makes the person have a glowing-or glaring- presence. They may soak up attention and praise, even subconsciously demand it. They have an air about them that glows and attracts attention and may appear to have confidence even if it’s not actually present.

Virgo Risings tends to be quiet and observant, paying attention to small details often overlooked by most people. They tend to be critical about their appearance and how they present themselves to the world, usually having a keen idea of how their presence affects other people. Can be shy and withdrawn when first meeting people. Mercury adds a sophistication with language and a possible anxiety that develops from an overly critical perception of self in relation to the world.

Libra Rising give off a charming and socially sauve vibe. Venus aims to please, particularly Libra blends in any social setting, often refusing to cause any disruption. They tend to mirror what they think people want and aspire to be on friendly terms with everyone involved, regardless of personal feelings. Polite, values manners, and respects unspoken social rules.

Scorpio Risings tend to stand in the background and observe. Even the more outgoing ones are observant, constantly reading the vibe of the environment. They are aware of the social undercurrents and want to act strategically. Intense inner vibes that spill into their interactions, the intensity is often reflected in gaze and/or eyes. Can be serious but is almost always suspicious of others motives. Pluto here is intense, and people either are drawn to them or repulsed.

Sagittarius Risings display such a carefree vibe, they’re like a breath of freedom. Unmatched in their ability to show off nonchalance in others opinions and be authentically themselves. Jupiter gives them the ability to befriend almost anybody, and without being aware of it they have a light cheery vibe that expands across the room

Capricorn Risings are very serious and almost standoffish. They are not the most social immediately as they carry a weight around them. Serious Outlook and dry humor. Saturn restricts them so they’re not as outgoing, can accidentally give negative first impressions without meaning to. May come off as a workaholic, or generally tired.

Aquarius Risings is also friendly but in a more detached way. Unconventional and quirky, uncaring if strangers think their weird but can secretly be self-conscious. Uranus gives them a restless energy in crowds and may have an odd mix of being social while being independent. Co-ruler Saturn also can give them a resting bitch face, similar to Capricorn.

Pisces Risings gives off a soft and dreamy vibe. They seem eternal in this world and can give the feeling of being from a fantasy realm. Can give off the impression of being shy and withdrawn, and dealing with secret fantasies. Neptune gives a glamour effect, in which Pisces may act as a canvas for other people’s personal ambitions.

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The Zodiac Signs Falling Inlove

Capricorn Zodiac: You Find Their Quirks Cute, not Annoying – You don’t really mind their bad habits, but in fact find them attractive.

Aquarius Zodiac: You Talk About Them – You secretly tell your friends about them and become excited about your friends or family to meet them.

Aries Zodiac: Appetite Loss – All you think about is him or her. Producing more dopamine, you feel little need for food or other basic necessities while floating through each day on a cloud of hope.

Taurus Zodiac: Abandon Regular Routines – You may abandon your work or your responsibilities. Your thoughts and actions become devoted to your love interest.

Gemini Zodiac: Fresh Complexion – You feel different and it shows. Others might catch you smiling or blushing for no apparent reasons.

Cancer Zodiac: You Think of that Person as Perfect – You project your idea of the perfect one onto them and you overlook their weaknesses or flaws.

Leo Zodiac: You Upgrade Your Looks – You care more about how you dress or look. You may start thinking of the small things that you can do to make yourself look better for them.
Virgo: You Daydream – You begin thinking about the future with this person. Your imagination creates vivid scenarios of romantic getaways, cozy chats, exciting adventures, and feel-good moments.

Libra Zodiac: You Build an Addiction – You always want to communicate with them and when they don’t communicate back, you start to worry. You spend most of your time analyzing every word and punctuation mark in each conversation to make sure that they’re interested and committed.

Scorpio Zodiac: You feel better about life – You begin to wonder where this person has been all your life, and why the two of you never found each other sooner. All of life’s disappointments, frustrations and losses will not compare anymore.

Sagittarius Zodiac: You Get Jealous Easily- You hate it when other people talk to them and you hate it when other people spend time with them. You miss them when they are not around and become irritated.

Pisces Zodiac: You Support them- You find yourself standing up for them when others are against them. You try to become useful to them and help them where ever possible.

– WTF Zodiac Signs! Daily Astrology and Zodiacs Sign.

Zodiac Pros and Cons Signs

Gemini Rising

pros: very friendly and adaptable. can talk to just about anyone, has very friendly vibes that most people are drawn to or will like instantly. has a quick and witty sense of humor. aren’t afraid of change or adapting, and are always willing to learn something new

cons: always wanting action and change. may change to fit someone else’s ideal or to get along with someone better. need a lot of space and freedom. don’t like being told what to do or

 to follow what everyone else is doing. can have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time

pros: quick mind that is full of fun ideas. have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. come across as very energetic and are good at motivating people. straightforward and honest. approach to life and situations is very sincere

cons: their immense energy may throw people off or people may dislike their energy. can be extremely restless, they always have to be moving or doing something. acts on impulse and rushes into things quickly, usually without planning or thinking it through

pros: approaches life and situations with patience and dedication. aren’t afraid of working hard or sticking with something. usually have a good routine in life. have a soothing, graceful presence

cons: are extremely stubborn with opinions/thoughts. are very cautious, and sometimes miss out on opportunities because of that. can be very single minded or focus only on one thing at a time, and hate to be rushed

Cancer Rising

pros: people think they are sweet and adorable. very approachable and have a kind disposition. reads others easily and are good at picking up other’s emotions. feels a lot of emotion and sympathy for the world and others

cons: people think they are younger than they really are. people may not take them seriously. is expressive and can be read easily, especially with emotion. tends to take on others emotions and is extremely sensitive to vibes

Leo Rising

pros: radiant and exuberant. lives life in the moment, always wants to have fun and do whatever they want. has a noticeable presence. has a big heart that is full of love and wants to spread joy and entertain others, loves to make others laugh

cons: can be too honest or dramatic, doesn’t ever want to be serious or do anything serious. would rather just have fun all the time. it’s their way or the highway. can be extremely stubborn or set in their ways

Virgo Rising

pros: polite and humble, is very honest with themselves and always wants to improve. helpful and thoughtful, is always thinking of others and wanting to help them. intellectual and mindful

cons: can be very picky or nitpick a lot, extremely critical, especially critical of themselves. if something goes wrong they start to panic. can be too logical or practical. likely to have a nervous energy

Libra Rising

pros: has great manners and social skills. good at getting along with people and making a good impression. sees beauty and good in the world and others, and appreciates it. wants to make the world a kinder place

cons: may be too concerned with material matters or what people think of them, can be caught up in their own world for a while. sees people and the world through rose tinted glasses. can seem superficial

Scorpio Rising

pros: people think they are mysterious and cool. reads people like a book. has a great intuition and judgement of character. has stunning, soul piercing eyes

cons: resting bitch face. people don’t understand them, they may feel like an outsider or that they don’t connect with people easily. might come off strongly or more intimidating than they would like

Sagittarius Rising

pros: honest and genuine. love learning and doing new things, wants to experience everything they can. optimistic and enthusiastic, approaches everything in life with a good attitude.

cons: doesn’t like to be held down or put into a box, wants and expects freedom and space. can be flighty or hard to pin down. gets bored with routine easily

Capricorn Rising

pros: has a sarcastic, deadpan kind of humor. self aware and honest with themselves, they really know themselves. senses bullshit from a mile away. hard workers who approach life by working hard for what they want. extremely capable in everything they do

cons: always second guessing themselves and can be insecure of themselves or their work. is very concerned about their image or how they are perceived by others (or sometimes its the opposite and they care too little). puts a lot of responsibility on themselves, can seem really rigid or too serious

Aquarius Rising

pros: sees life as an adventure, always changing and growing. wants to bring change and excitement into the world. sees things with original and unique thoughts, has an amazing and intellectual mind. has cute quirks. very hard to forget

cons: inflexible and stubborn, wants everything done their way and the way they think is best. can be too future oriented, and forget to live in the present. can seem detached or uninterested, or can be hard to pin down and unpredictable

Pisces Rising

pros: dreamy and imaginative. caring and empathetic, they want to care for the world and others. sees beauty and good in everything, likes to stay positive. has a good eye for art and comes across as very sweet and kind. very creative

cons: idealistic to an extreme. can sometimes forget about the real world and how it works, they like to stay in their bubble. very sensitive to others vibes or emotions, especially negative emotions or criticism. sees things the way they want to see them, not as they are

source: cutestrology

Zodiac as Learn To…

Virgo: Learn to let go. You matter. If you’re tired, rest. If you’re sad, cry. If you’re mad, get angry. Your emotions matter.

Aries: Learn to relax. Don’t try to take karma’s work.

Taurus: Learn to listen and embrace. It’s okay to love yourself but bad personalities are a disadvantage to other people.

Gemini: Learn to not talk about other people behind their backs. If you dislike something about someone, tell them gently. Don’t be a coward.

Cancer: Learn to think of other people’s emotion. Your emotions matter but cutting off other people just because they make you sad, will make them sad.

Leo: Learn to not think of looks as number one. People may come because of your face but bad personalities will scare them away

Libra: Learn to think about what matters to you. People’s opinion matter but the decision is in your hand.

Scorpio: Learn to forget. Bad memories tires you and you deserve to be happy.

Sagittarius: Learn to stay in one place for a change. You can never run out of experiences.

Capricorn: Learn to trust other people. They can work like you. Give them time to learn.

Aquarius: Learn to not underestimate people. Everyone is good at something.

Pisces: Learn to not victimize yourself. You’re not always wrong. Sometimes people are just assholes.

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Aries, come out come out wherever you are

Aries, come out come out wherever you are

A Libra Trust A Gemini The Most With Their Sec…

A Libra Trust A Gemini The Most With Their Secrets

– WTF Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope!

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