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Zodiacs as Greek Gods

Aries: Ares – God of War

Taurus: Persephone – Goddess of spring and Queen of the Underworld

Gemini: Apollo – God of the sun, music, poetry, and healing.

Cancer: Hades – God of riches and the Underworld.

Leo: Hermes – God of too many things I stg,,, just gonna say traveling, messaging, and thieves.

Virgo: Aphrodite – Goddess of love

Libra: Zeus – God of the sky, King of the Gods. (Also, a god of Justice…)

Scorpio: Athena – Goddess of war and wisdom.

Sagittarius: Artemis – Goddess of hunting and the moon.

Capricorn: Nemisis – Goddess of revenge.

Aquarius: Poseidon – God of the sea.

Pisces: Hypnos – God of sleep.

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Best Zodiac Signs’ Confessions

Aries: “When I get scolded or told to ‘calm down’, I get really hurt inside, although I am trying not to show it”.

Taurus: “I don’t get angry easily. I can manage to postpone an outburst for months. But accuse me of something I didn’t do and I’m instantly livid”.

Gemini: “I feel like I’m surrounded by idiots 99% of the time”.

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Things people don’t know about the signs:

ARIES: has a lot of doubts and insecurities caused by pressure they put on themselves to succeed

TAURUS: gets nervous about any change in their life because they fear the unknown and other things they’re not used to

GEMINI: hides how moody they’re actually feeling because they want everyone to think they’re always happy

CANCER: has a really hard time trusting people

LEO: needs to be needed 24/7

VIRGO: needs to feel appreciated for all the things they do

LIBRA: has a hard time saying “no” to people

SCORPIO: has a fear of failure

SAGITTARIUS: easily hurt by selfish actions of others

CAPRICORN: constantly questions their self worth

AQUARIUS: lowkey wonders if people actually accept them for who they are

PISCES: always tries to escape/avoid a conflict situation instead of confronting it


What your signs tells about you?

Why your signs doesn’t suck

Aries: You are strong and cool

Taurus: You are a very good friend

Gemini: You can make anyone laugh

Cancer: You are a great listener

Leo: You are hot and you know it

Virgo: You are super giving and helpful

Libra: You are friendly af

Scorpio: You are loyal and protective

Sagittarius: You give the best hugs

Capricorn: You are super caring!

Aquarius: You want the world to be a better place

Pisces: You are the sweetest

Best advice for the signs

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Taurus: I love my qualities and imperfections.

Sexy zodiac personality traits


Aries: not one to mess with, spontaneous, smoking hot temper, unique sexy presence

Taurus: agressive, will not give up the fight if it’s something they truly want, extremly outgoing, the most sensual kisser of them all and sexy as hell

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Courage comes in many forms

Aries: is not afraid to tell the truth

Taurus: is not afraid to be genuine

Gemini: is not afraid to speak their mind

Cancer: is not afraid of love

Leo: is not afraid to start new

Virgo: is not afraid of the future

Libra: is not afraid of change

Scorpio: is not afraid of sacrifice

Sagittarius: is not afraid of the unknown

Capricorn: is not afraid of challenges

Aquarius: is not afraid to stand out

Pisces: is not afraid of being alone