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Sis I hope you’re having a bomb ass sleepover. Here’s the tea, I’m a scorp-sun and venus and every fucking guy I’ve ever went out with/dated I’ve broken up with/dropped cause they’re so fucking boring (nickname: heartless bitch, the usual), the only two I’ve actually liked were an aquarius-sun (bitch was a handful) and currently it’s a sCoRPiO guy and he has me doing summersaults wtf is this? 🤢 Feeli-🤮? What’s your take on the scorp-scorp tea cause we know it’s a lot.

dude I love me the scorp scorp for Sex reasons but honestly don’t know how viable that is outside of that lmao. scorp venus is hard sometimes that’s me too and we expect a lot and love a lot and duuuuuuuuuuuuude. is hard sometimes. I honestly think scorp scorp can be wonderful but it depends on the rest of the chart. it’s honestly a somersault for all involved but if y’all can work it out it’ll be great

side note I love me some aquarius love the handfuls hahaha

Ghosts are just scorpios fucking with people

Does anyone else get like… very Scorpio horoscopes from Co–Star?

I asked my libra bff and she said it’s a medical mystery. even they do not kno why they’re Like That my friend

Sleepover Friday!

I’m bored, you’re probably bored, we can’t have an actual sleepover bc of social distancing, so let’s do one here 😘

Send me an ask!

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-music recs

-tell me what you did today

-tell me a story (astro related is cool but doesn’t have to be)

-unpopular astro opinions (ask me or give your own but don’t be rude)

-advice. Im not going to read ur whole chart but I can give some 🙂

-anything you want* honestly let’s do this shit

*if u do ask a question I don’t want to answer publicly I’ll answer private don’t worry

Scorpio loves giving themselves sharp teeth when they make bitmojis or use online character creators

It is honestly a tragedy that national send nudes day isn’t during scorpio season

Scorpio is so fucking jazzed evanescence is releasing new music